Time for a (name) change at MRDD?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The Erie County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, i.e. "MRDD," and its equivalent state agency may be getting a name change.

Few states use the term "mental retardation" anymore, and many people favor dropping the words in Ohio, too, so that the local board would be known as the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Two bills have been introduced to make the name change in Ohio by Rep. Jimmy Stewart, R-Albany, and Rep. Fred Strayhorn, D-Dayton. They are here and here.

Jerry Plassenthal, executive director of Erie County MRDD, says his board supports the name change. Any change would require a PR effort to teach people the new "brand," he notes



Yesterday it's a name change. Today it's a budget cuts? The MRDD Board should start by cutting their current superintendent's job and hget someone in there who has a clue on how to run a program. He has no inclination to replace any of the former employees that have beent erminated through a permanent lay off. And surely, there will be more workers "farmed out" to other agencies, not to duplicate services. It's called FREE TRADE.

Furthermore, MRDD Board has a 3 mil continuing levy that the voters approved a couple of years ago. Why would the MRDD Board need to go for another levy in 2010? That's ludicrous. I will tell you why - because it will FAIL and that way the superintendent will have "rights" to lay off or get rid of the remaining MRDD staff because there will be no money. The superintendent has given the MRDD program such a horrific name, no one wants to support these services.

Speaking of money and cuts, cuts have already been felt throughout MRDD. At 35% employee level, it is said there is no money to fund further programs or employees. What has happened to the money that was once paid to staff? I hear that the money has gone to fund cubical farms to separate staff from each other. At the cost to taxpayers, no less. Open your eyes - go to the puppetering board meeting and speak up! The employees know they can't.

Who is going to buy all the equipment that MRDD has purchased over many years? It's only a matter of time until the MRDD program fails, right Mr. Hatchetman? I guess an auction site will be around so the stuff can be sold.

Just remember tax paying citizens of Erie County - hope and pray that you don't ever have a child with MRDD and need the services that won't exist in a couple of years, thank you Mr. Hatchetman superintendent. What about the blood, sweat and tears, including hard work, that Betty Rinderle and other parents put into this program? It was supposed to be a good thing. Now it is a superintendents poor planning phase that is phasing out the good of the programs.


calling the MRDD board.."Jerry's World" because basically that is what it has become. You could care less about your employees or the families you serve!! You just want to stroke your little ego..but believe me..we all know you are EVIL..and you will one day have to answer to GOD himself and believe me...HE'S STRONGER THAN YOU..you little,little man. Did you ever wonder why you have such bad luck with your own family Jerry??? It is called KARMA!!!! Hopefully the board will figure you and all your LIES out before it's too late!!