Obama wins easily among magazine's staff

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


You've probably read somewhere that journalists favor Barack Obama for president by an overwhelming margin.

In my experience, that's largely true.

But I was still startled when Slate magazine polled its staff members on which candidate each person was voting for. The final tally: 55 for Obama, one vote for John McCain and one vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate.

Reason Magazine, a libertarian monthly, polled its staffers, and many of them endorsed Obama, too. The Web site didn't post an official tally, and several folks offered more than one answer, so in compiling my own informal tally I had to make some judgment calls. As best I could tell, there were 13 votes for Obama, 9 for Barr, 7 votes in favor of not voting or "none of the above," four for McCain, two for no answer, one for "anybody but McCain/Palin" (from TV star Drew Carey, a Cleveland native) and one answer I found impossible to classify.

Here at the Register, nearly every reporter seems to favor Obama.

Full disclosure: I am registered to vote in Cuyahoga County. I voted for Republicans in nearly every local race (I think the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party is drunk with power) and scattered my votes among the other parties in the other races. I prefer Obama to McCain, but voted for Barr.

In other election news, the rock group Wilco is giving away a free song, a cover of Bob Dylan's "I Shall Be Released," with help from another band called the Fleet Foxes. It's worth downloading. To get the track, you have to promise to vote. Here is the link.


Anonymous (not ...

With the Reason mag staff, the preference is perhaps about the self-interest of job security.

Once the blush comes off the BHO rose (as foretold by Joe 'The Baptist' Biden), there will be more interest from the masses regarding the scourging and ultimate crucifixion of the Enlightened One.

I recall reading lots of stories about Clinton in Reason after the '92 election. A psychological piece by the author of "˜The Dysfunctional President' was a great read.

Good for you on the Barr vote. The Libertarian party undoubtedly appreciates your support.

I'm contemplating flipping a coin; heads for Barr and tails for that elderly socialist-lite guy.

Wilco? Thanks anyway - too mellow.

I've found myself listening to a lot of Geo. Thorogood recently. I've also recently discovered Waylon Jennings' kid, Shooter Jennings. He's got a new album of covers of his daddy's tunes: "˜Waylon Forever.'