No immediate recount in narrow care facility loss

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Final election results in Erie County were not available late Tuesday night at press time, but with the last few hundred absentee ballots counted, the final unofficial count is in.

The care facility lost, 19,361 to 18,794 (we did hold the paper for those final results, because it was so close.) "No" votes represented 50.74 percent of the vote. That's not a close enough vote to trigger an automatic recount, which requires a margin of less than one-half percent, said Jennifer Ferback, the Erie County Election Board's deputy director.

Other final results: Obama 22,277 (55.5 percent), McCain 17,080 (42.5 percent); Dennis Murray 20,313, Ed Enderle 18,240; Pat Shenigo 20,220; Joe Hayberger 17,937; Tom Ferrell 19,626; Mike Printy 18,256; Barbara Johnson 22,153; Stephen Schaeffer, 14,899.

Complete results here.


Anonymous (not ...

In the pursuit of votes and power, the socialist politicos have made too many grandiose promises for too many decades and now the constituency has to either cough up the money or default.

As a nation of sheep we have been borrowing on our future for too long and now the bill has finally come due.

Now that it's been decided by the Intelligentsia that American capitalism is too risky to survive, the only obvious choice is to become wards and serfs of the State and watch our standard of living decline.

The occupants of the Twenty First Century breadlines and soup queues are the banks, insurance cos. and the auto manufacturers. More are shuffling into the line daily.

In the former Soviet Union, they had a joke:

They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.

How long before the punch line has an American flavor?