Followups: Cat news and those "racist" voters

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The frozen kitten dumped off in the after-hours book return slot of a public library in Iowa has hit the big time.

"Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World" is No. 1 on the New York Times' nonfiction best seller list.

In addition, Meryl Streep has agreed to star in a movie based on the book. (The famous actress is playing the librarian, not the cat.) The Diane Rehm NPR show interviewed the book's author for an hour-long segment Monday. You can listen to an archive of the show here.

I wrote about Dewey in this July 31 blog post, predicting that the as yet unreleased book would be "the next national cat sensation."

My Aug. 13 prediction also turned out well: "If Obama picks a white male as his running mate, I would think pressure would build on McCain to pick a woman."

Meanwhile, Barack Obama's election as president put to rest theories about the "Bradley effect" -- that Americans were too racist to elect a black man. The New York Times concluded on Nov. 5 that "the Bradley Effect did not exist."

I argued here on Aug. 26 (and in two follow-up posts) that the allegedly racist nature of American voters has been much exaggerated.


Anonymous (not ...

The racial argument leads to a fallacy trap. There are far too many variables.

For anyone to suggest that 46% of voters did not vote for Sen. Obama due to racial prejudice is completely erroneous.

Anonymous (not ...

Let's discuss the pros and cons of a Detroit auto bailout. That oughta help you gain either new friends or enemies in your latest environs.

Is it true that 'progress' is the opposite of 'Congress'?

Man! After the political silly season does no one have any opinions anymore? And here I believed that opinions were the cheapest commodity in the world because everybody had one.

I guess we gotta wait for the O-lightened one to make his first move before we can adequately start critiquing something/anything that he's actually done. He's like nail'n Jello to a wall.

As I recall, Clinton's first move was "˜don't ask, don't tell.' Can we hope that O can equivocate on a policy as well or better?

Perhaps he'll allow collective bargaining for the military rank and file!!! The concept was proffered during "˜Nam.

If unionization has been good for Detroit, it oughta be good for the military - no?