A casino for Erie County?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The folks who tried to pass Issue 6, the state question that would have established a state-sanctioned gambling casino in Wilmington in Clinton County, already are mapping plans for another proposal.

The new plan would offer casinos in six different locations: Wilmington again, but also in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati and Youngstown.

That’s three locations on the Lake Erie coast — but none in the obvious tourist location.

So I e-mailed Rick Lertzman, one of the businessmen involved in the venture, and asked, “Is there any chance this proposal will be tweaked to put a casino in a natural location — Erie County, where tourism and recreation already are a big part of the economy?”

Lertzman replied, “That is certainly a possibility. However, a local investor is needed.”



(checks pockets and counts)

I have $1.29 left to my name. Is that enough to invest in the casino?

I know if the Government would just bail me out, I could afford to invest into the casino.

C'mon Government, it's only a few more Billion!


A reporter actualy emailed someone and asked questions, instead of just using google...WOW, that is why you are one of the best, well, ok the best one down there.


We already have the roads and infrastructure to support a casino. Plenty of motels, restaurants, retail outlets. And underutilized in the offpeak tourist months.

I won't support any casino effort that doesn't include Erie County.


Casinos do not increase an economy's productivity, which is key to a rising GDP.

The jobs they produce are not unlike the govt. in that they merely transfer wealth with no real economic benefit.

Casinos are not a panacea for an area's long-term economic growth. Look at the downturn in the current markets of Las Vegas and Atlantic City due to problems in the national economy.

I've got nothin' personal against gambling, but economically it's not a permanent solution to the area's problems.


Well......since there's no "permanent"
solution to this area's economic woes, I'll take "short term fixes" for $800,

Bringing a casino to Erie County would at least stem the tide between May 1 and mid September when this joint shuts down, minus about 6 weekends in the Fall.


not to mention that casinos will use, or give a boost to local busniess not directly connected to them, including design and publishing companies, local taxi and limo services, eateries, bars, and so many others, without a doubt their would be an influx of jobs to the area. No fix is permanent, but a temporary fix is better than none.