Jackie Brown wins Senate race in Erie County

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


It’s been a very pleasant November for Amy Grubbe, chairwoman of the Erie County Democratic Party.

Her smile became even broader Thursday, after the Erie County Election Board posted final election results, which includes provisional ballots counted this week and absentee ballots that arrived late in the mail.

The final results showed that Democrat Jackie Brown carried Erie County, edging incumbent GOP Sen. Mark Wagoner 19,268 to 19,189. Brown rolled up 50.10 percent of the vote. The previous tally had shown Wagoner eking out a small victory.

Wagoner did better in other counties and still won the election, but the Erie County results underscore how well Democrats did.

In every Erie County race in which voters had a choice, the Democratic candidate won, except in the two Ohio Supreme Court races, which are shown on the ballot as nonpartisan, Grubbe said.

“Erie County was definitely blue and it was definitely Democrat,” Grubbe said.

Barack Obama carried Erie County with 55.95 percent of the vote, compared to 42.13 percent for John McCain.

Grubbe said Obama’s coattails definitely appear to have helped local candidates.



and Westerhold is 0-3 in endorsements!!! Stick to writing Matty Boy!!


Does this show that people did not research the candidates and instead just voted along party lines?


What the Democrats have done to increase the unemployment rate in Michigan, they can do for Erie Co. and Ohio.

Better living through socialism.


What this shows is that the voters of Erie County got it right in the Senate race. Jackie Brown would have worked for the common man, Mark Wagoner is a tool of special interests. Amazing that with the amount of money Wagoner spent, the Ms. Brown could beat him in Erie County!!