BLOG: NOW will you support Newt for president?

Tom Jackson
Dec 20, 2011


Earlier this year, I used this blog as a platform to endorse Newt Gingrich for president, arguing that Newt, among the GOP candidates, provides the best chance of hours of entertainment while Washington is ruining our lives.

A new Web site provides impressive confirmation of my thesis. Supervillain or Newt? tests the visitor's ability to tell Newt's policy proposals from the plans hatched by James Bond villain or comic book bad guys.

The site has photos of Newt next to Darth Vader and the Joker and helpfully explains, "Welcome to the Supervillain or Newt Game, where you have to decide whether an idea comes from an indestructible megalomaniac hell-bent on ruling the world, or from a fictional supervillain."

It's surprisingly difficult to tell the difference between Newt and a movie villain, so I was pleased I scored 80 percent on the quiz.



6079 Smith W

If the race is close I'll vote Repub. if not, I'll vote Libertarian.

If Mr. Obama was lampooned in the manner that Mr. Gingrich has often been, supporters would loudly shout "racism!"




Nope, too much mainstream Beltway in him. Don't need another RINO


Gingrich brings it upon himself.  I REALLY want to vote republican, and I'll be so dissapointed if Newt gets the nomination.  He will have a hard time winning, and the republican will have only themselves to blame for a bad choice.


@ 6079 Smith:  I would counter that if Obama had a record like Gingrich's, he would've never been voted into office. Let's see, while Gingrich was trying to impeach Clinton, he was busy cheating on his wife, who was dying of cancer at the time. Later on, he cheated on wife #2, when he met wife #3. And then while he was with wife #3...  And that's just his personal life. I find his political record even more appalling...

If Gingrich is lampooned, it's because blatant hypocrisy, a shameless ego and radical political views often invite lampooning.




Better that we have a coke head in the White House now huh?


LMAO @coasterfan.  If Obama had a political record like Newt he would be a shoe in for a second term.  It was Newt's leadership and pushing of the contract for America that gave Clinton his surplus.  For all his personal faults Newt would still make a good Pres.  Hell a corpse would do a better job than Obama has done.  If Newt was in office right now and had the record Obama has, the press would bury him.  Unfortunately the press won't hold Obama accountable because they like other libs still drunk on the kool aid are his useful idiots.  It is funny how libs said we should look the other way when Clintons philandering in the White House was going on, but believe it should be a huge issue with Newt.  Democrats are the biggest bunch of hypocrites.

The Big Dog's back

winnie says:

 "If Mr. Obama was lampooned in the manner that Mr. Gingrich has often been, supporters would loudly shout "racism!" "


You are joking right. Not born in America, Muslim, etc. Such a troll and tool.


Winston, I'm sure glad coasterfan was posting to you instead of me because I would have to post this about his savior.

Among pre-presidential records declared “sealed” when the press has asked to see them are (see

All college records from Occidental College, Columbia University or Harvard Law School. All Harvard Law Review articles and University of Chicago scholarly articles. Obama’s client list from the law firm he worked for in Chicago. His Illinois state senate records and schedules (which are supposedly lost). His passport records. His parents’ marriage license and divorce decree. His mother’s marriage license from her second marriage. His adoption and kindergarten records.

What’s Obama Hiding?   

In 15 years from college to michelle, there are no ex boyfriends or girlfriends. We all knew about his association with Bill Ayers and his sweetheart house deal from the convicted chicago gangster but the lamestream media was covering for him and there are alot of people that rely on the state run media. Obama Barry Soetero is hiding alot more but poor old newt gets hun out to dry


Goofus, just because you read something on the internet doesn't necessarily mean it is true.


I still have not made up my mind on whom to support.  I have watched the debates.  I am weary of Newt because as I have posted before, he had his chance.  Not only did his fellow Republicans give him the BOOT as Speaker of the House, his constituents gave him the BOOT out of office in GA.  He was FIRED and out of a job.  He must have hit the bottom of his life and political career with his affairs and loud rejection by the people.  He was forced to become a consultant/lobbyist in order to earn an income.  I am watching Newt very carefully.  The Republicans decided to force McCain on us.  The total votes were close between McCain and 0bama.  The only reason RINO McCain came close was because of Sarah Palin.  Otherwise, 0bama would have won by a landslide.  All I really care about is for someone to beat 0bama and give him the BOOT!  How is that $4 MILLION dollar Hawaii vacation for the first family?  The first lady and kids are already there having the time of their lives all on our dime.  Can ANY of you add up the cost for ALL the 0bama vacations and visits around the world WE paid for??  Still believe 0bama and the first lady care about YOU?  I guess George Bush working on his ranch and playing golf in TX is NOTHING compared to around the world vacation trips on separate jumbo jets.  Think about it.  Just wondering how all that liberal tripe, "hope and change you can believe in" is working out for YOU??  Ha! Ha!   

6079 Smith W


Tina Brown: Obama 'Doesn't Like His Job':

  "MIKE BARNICLE: It appears off of what Tina just said, you just said, it appears that you could make a case that Barack Obama doesn't like politics." 

Even the libs have noticed that the guy is bored and incompetent.

Newt has balanced a federal budget unlike Mr. Obama and the Dems who never even presented one for 2010 or 2011.


The New World Czar

Article 2 of the US Constitution gives the job description for the want lead the executive branch of the federal government.

While I think Gingrich would clean Obama's clock in a debate, he doesn't fit the definition, as he would be poking his nose into everyone else's business, just like the goofball in the White House does now.

Perry and Romney better fit the mold if you want to go by this.

Santorum, Bachmann, Paul are all past or current legislators, and good ones at that. However being a good legislator doesn't mean a good president.

They all have their quirks, but the current CEO needs voted out next November.

6079 Smith W

Two time NM guv. Gary Johnson has dropped out of the GOP prez. candidate race.

Word is that he will go after the Libertarian Party nomination.


@ Doggie:

Wiki posts that Mr. Obama was born in HI. According to you, isn't Wiki full of lies and untruths? :)



Smith I'm dissapointed in your Wiki comment.  You're usually more logical than that.