Brown’s trip to Maine offends Senate colleague

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


The U.S. Senate is an exclusive 100-member club, so when one member picks on another, it tends to raise hard feelings.

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican generally known as a moderate, has let it be known she’s still angry at several Democratic U.S. senators who came to Maine to campaign against her, including Ohio’s Sherrod Brown.

A story at says that Collins has “trouble forgiving colleagues” who called her a Bush follower and tried to bring her down as she won another six-year term on Nov. 4.

The article said that Brown, helping U.S. Rep. Tom Allen’s Democratic bid against Collins, called her a conservative Republican who tries to pretend she’s something else.

“Susan Collins tries to sell herself as a moderate, but when I look at her record, I don’t see it,” Brown told a crowd in Bangor, Maine, the Hill’s article says.

It quoted Brown as saying that Collins lines up behind Bush 81 percent of the time, but “when she comes back to Bangor she brags about the other 19 percent of the time.”

Collins rolled up about 60 percent of the vote, easily beating Allen.

Brown’s staff says that he wasn’t attacking her personally, he was just discussing the issues, and looks forward to working with all of his colleagues. Allen was one of Brown’s closest friends in the House, where Brown served before moving to the Senate.




Take a look at who the real bi-partisan is, and who lied to the American people. Facts people -- they are out there, you just have to click four times for them to appear. Not tough.

http://projects.washingtonpost.c... -- Brown's record.

http://projects.washingtonpost.c... -- Collins' record.

Anonymous (not ...

Tim: Thanks for the URLs.

Other than helping to craft a U.S. version of a failed Soviet style command and control economy, what else did Comrade Sen. Brown learn from his degree in Russian studies?

Libertarians take note:

Shades of Harry Anslinger! Mr. Eric Holder, POTUS-Elect Obama's choice for AG once wanted to increase penalties for ganja.

See: http://libertarianrepublican.blo...

At college, I once saw 'Reefer Madness,' a Firesign Theater movie and the short, 'Bambi vs Godzilla' for a buck. Good and freer times.