Beatle Paul’s fine new album

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Paul McCartney, the famous ex-Beatle, has done something at age 66 that’s kind of unexpected — he’s released a really good new album.

And it’s not under his own name, oddly enough. Working with a British producer and musician known as Youth, the album, “Electric Arguments,” was put out under the artist name The Fireman. There have been two previous Fireman albums, apparently consisting largely of electronic and ambient music, but this one is a Paul McCartney album.

Most Beatles fans would likely agree that the various solo albums from the group’s members have generally been underachieving. (Not that I didn’t buy a bunch of them over the years.) George Harrison released one particularly good one, “All Things Must Pass,” and John Lennon’s songwriting held up pretty well; McCartney’s previous best effort is probably “Band on the Run.” I think “Electric Arguments” can be included as one of the few really good solo albums.

You can judge for yourself by listening to the album online via NPR.



Paul McCartney? Hum... Wasn't he in a band before Wings?

Here's the great SNL Chris Farley/Paul McCartney inverview:


I agree that this is a fine album, but don't sleep on McCartney's other recent work. Chaos and Creation and Memory Almost Full are very good as well.


By coincidence, my colleague Jason Singer blogged about the same album, on the same day! His entry is at

Brett, I liked Memory Almost Full as well. My attitude toward Paul McCartney is kind of like the way I feel about the James Bond movies -- I acknowledge some are better than others, but I like them all. Still, I think the new Fireman album is something special.

Office, I like that interview, too -- thanks for posting the link.


Gotcha Tom. I enjoyed your review.


It's has always been quitte popular under critics to be negative about the Beatles solo output. There are the only band in the world were the ex-members were very succesful. Paul McCartney was the most succestful artist of the 1970s in the USA. Great solo albums are McCartney, Ram, Band On The Run, Venus And Mars, Wings Over America, Tug Of War, Flaming Pie, Choba B CCCP, and his last three.
John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band (Rolling Stone no. 5 album 1967-1987), Imagine, Rock And Roll, Double Fantasy, Milk And Honey. George Harrison: All Things Must Pass, The Concert Of Banglah Desh, Cloud Nine, The Travelling Wilbury Albums and Ringo Starr: Ringo.
All members had no. 1 hits. The rest of their solo albums are very enjoyable, but not classic albums. After their death they will finally be appreciated as the greatest act in showbusiness and in the meantime we keep enjoying their show. We look up to the Beatles remasters in 2009. The hit of the year!