Christmas in old Sandusky

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


As we enter the new Christmas season, why not look back on past holidays in Sandusky? The Sandusky History blog maintained by the Sandusky Library has a charming post from December 2006 on “Scenes of Christmas in Sandusky,” with very nice vintage pictures, including a photo of kids opening their presents under the tree in 1938.

And see this posting, also from December 2006, on “Christmas Traditions in Sandusky.” One surprise: Little attention was paid to Christmas for much of the 19th century. Newspapers ignored Christmas in the 1820s: “In 1822, 1824 and 1825, the papers on Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day are like the papers preceding and following — no mention of Christmas whatsoever.” The first small newspaper advertisements suggesting holiday gifts appeared in 1849.

The blog, by the way, is frequently updated with posts on local history. The latest entry features a photo of two men reading your favorite newspaper in 1914, with the information that the Sandusky Register is available on microfilm for people who want to read newspaper articles going back to the 19th century.

Beginning today, this will be a Christmas blog, with frequent postings right up through Dec. 25.




Enjoyed the links.

I find it somewhat curious that we tend to wax nostalgically and ponder the supposed easier and simpler times of years past.

But then, I'll sometimes catch myself and recall the rather thoughtful line from the Carly Simon song 'Anticipation': 'These are the good old days.'

Remember: Today's landfills are tomorrow's archeological digs. Much of what we know about past civilization is from their garbage and castoffs.

Happy Festivus!