Time to redefine Christmas?

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


A foundation in Connecticut has launched a Web site urging people to “redefine Christmas” by asking their friends and relatives to make a donation to a favorite charity rather than buying a gift. You can use the site to send online Christmas cards asking for a donation rather than a gift.

The web site includes a link to JustGive.org, which makes it easy to search for a particular charity and make a donation to it. JustGive.org also sells charity gift cards, which can be redeemed as a donation to any one of thousands of charities.

All of this is the brainchild of a guy named Ray Dalio, a billionaire investor who likes to support charitable causes.

What to make of all this? On the one hand, those of us who aren’t billionaires are sometimes weak enough to enjoy the little luxuries Christmas can bring. On the other hand, charities can always use help, particularly this Christmas when they are hard pressed to meet the needs of people who are struggling.

Here’s a Virginia pastor’s take on the question.



This is a dumb idea.

Approx. seventy percent of the U.S. economy is based on people buyin' stuff.

A major reason that the country is in recession is that people aren't consuming enough.

Get out there, load up those credit cards, spend down the kids' college fund, clean out your retirement accounts and spend, spend, spend for a brighter future for America.

If you don't spend, the govt. has to do it and eventually that'll only raise your taxes or create massive inflation.

Spend money yourself or let the govt. spend it; either way, you're gonna spend, spend, spend.

Io, Saturnalia!


Christmas should be held every four years, just like the Olympics.


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