BLOG: What's wrong with the economy?

Tom Jackson
Nov 23, 2011


Why is the economy so bad?

I'm not referring just to the Great Recession, which has supposedly ended, but to a longer term trend. Why isn't the economy working well for people who aren't rich?

The usual answer from political discourse is that it's the fault of liberals, or the fault of conservatives. Politicians tend to stick to political talking points in giving the answer: It's the fault of free trade treaties, or it's the fault of too much taxation.

Two new books, written by economists for general audiences, attempt to go a little deeper and discuss structural reasons for the bad economy.

Tyler Cowen, who writes at the Marginal Revolution blog, is the author of The Great Stagnation: How America Ate All of the Low-Hanging Fruit of Modern History, Got Sick, and Will (Eventually) Feel Better.

Cowen argues that from 1880 to 1940, there were a series of dramatic technological breakthroughs, including electricity, cars, electric lights, radio, airplanes, the telephone, the record player, and indoor plumbing. These inventions helped create many new industries. There hasn't been comparable innovation in recent years, Cowen says, although excitement over the Internet has tended to obscure that.

Cowen also argues that America no longer has free land to generate economic growth and that improvement in the public school system apparently ended in the 1960s.

Race Against the Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy, by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McFee, says that many workers have been thrown out of work because machines can do their jobs more cheaply. (A familiar example would be the way machines have replaced many bank tellers and people who run cash registers.)

This trend is accelerating as computers become exponentially more powerful and are able to take on many new tasks, the authors say.

Both books are $4 as electronic editions from Amazon.

Cowen discusses the two books here. A debate between the authors of the two books may be viewed here (about 35 minutes long).



Phil Packer

Who cares? The world is going to end in about 13 months anyway.

Free Speaker

Just one word "Democrats"


Actually both books make valid believable excuses. However I also believe businessmen are apprehensive about expansion with the future unknown liabilities they might incur from the agenda of Obozo!!

Captain Gutz

" Why isn't the economy working well for people who aren't rich?" 

It never does.

The New World Czar

Government doesn't create wealth, this current administration has done its best to create poverty.

What's wrong with the economy? A fiscal basket-case federal government and a president that is in way over his head (heck if the tingle isn't there for Chris Matthews). 


Well I guess we dont have the brightest bulbs running this country , If you can see right through all the bull the Feds are tring to tell us , then we will never recover . PEOPLE WE ARE IN A DEPRESSION .NOT A RECESSION . Look all around you can look at the great depression of 1929 and you will see that not much is different .

If you want to get out of it , borrowing money you cant pay back and have the richest few keep there money safe in bank accounts , and in other saving ways and not put the money they have to reate full and long term work in the country we will never be able to get free of debt , and therefore will not end this DEPRESSION THAT WE ARE IN ..

Higher taxes is not going to be the answer to our problems , The more people that are born into this country that can not afford to go to collage and get degrees is only going to add to the problem . Cause lets face it money for collage has to come from somewhere not to mention the cost to live while you are in collage and when you get down with collage and the loans have to be payed back who is going to pay them back if you cant ? the feds , and the feds are you and me which just adds to the debt that is all ready out of this world .

We need tax payers who are going to pay taxes every year and till we get that , we will never get back to the way we were in years gone by .


Uh, Gene44870? It's spelled "college". All of you are ignoring a huge piece of history, assuming you actually care about the truth of why our country is mired in a recession. Luckily, you won't have to dig through your history books too far. Please rewind just a few short years to the previous presidency. You know, that Bush guy who deregulated the banks, which led to a huge economic crisis on a worldwide level including our own current recession? You guys must not keep up on current events; it was in all the papers. Anyway, from where I'm sitting, it's the GOP who are turning America into a Banana Republic...

The reality is, of course, that taxes are at the LOWEST level they have been in decades, yet the conservatives think the answer is to starve funding for our government when it's obvious that just the opposite is needed. Ask the people who were on the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis if they think it's a good idea to not fund improvements to infrastructure. NO one likes to pay taxes. It's just that some of us realize that it's something we need to do, assuming we want to maintain some semblance of civilization and quality of life.

You're entitled to your own greed/selfishness, of course, As a Democrat, I see things differently. I hope to gawd our country doesn't give the GOP another shot in 2012, because they're still pushing the same harmful strategies that quite obviously didn't work in 2000-2008. As if voters don't have memories, the GOP is actually trying to sell the American people on the idea that somehow (magically) their ideas would work this time, if we just let them try again. You guys are hilarious...

Hey coaster, only a dem thinks Bush deregulated the banks. Your beloved Clinton administration deregulated the banks.   Your beloved dems supported Freddie and Fannie, they had $388 billion in high-risk mortgages. They directly enabled Wall Street to destroy our economy. Greenspan warned in 2005 that high-risk mortgages put the whole financial system at risk. Liberal dems thought it was a great idea for people to purchase homes that previously would not been able to.   Liberal democraps used social issues such as home ownership for all, at the same time privatized for profit; hell even Clinton almost admitted it. Who protected Fan and Fred, lets see Obama, Dodd, Clinton, Franks; they also received funds from them. When the crap hit the fan, they did what liberal dems do; blame someone else.
Phil Packer

Maybe he meant that people should make collages. It's fun to make collages from old magazines...


I'm not rich, but God Bless his economy hasn't been bad at all for me.  Not only did I find a job with little problem but I also received a promotion that increased my salary significantly.  Instead of writing only about people who are down on their luck, why not write about people who are middle class that are doing well despite the economy.  Honestly, I think the constant reporting of bad news is why many people have given up hope.  These people need positive examples and not a constant beat down.


Here's one of the founders of Home Depot ruminating on my opinion that the only way out of this recession is to get rid of Obama and the libs.


 Who says the government doesn't create wealth?  I say it has created plenty of wealth for the wealthy with low taxes, subsidies, earmarks, etc., etc., ad nauseum!


Why are people so upset with the rich?  We should both celebrate and thank our Founding Fathers that ordinary people can still make a lot of money in this country, despite the best efforts of our government to prevent it.  When people get rich they create jobs and opportunity for the rest of us.  I, for one, would not want to live in a nation where there were no rich people; they tried this a few decades ago and called it the Soviet Union.  (Oh, I am sorry, there were indeed rich people in the old USSR - they were called government officials.)  The European countries have also done away with rich people and we can see today where that has got them. 

The Big Dog's back

 Name 1 European country that doesn't have rich people.

Captain Gutz

 "Name 1 European country that doesn't have rich people."



The Big Dog's back

 Wrong again putz.

"The Moldova economy's growth is around 7 per-cent, and has the third fastest growing economy of Europe."

Captain Gutz

My good friend Brutus,

You asked for the name of a european country that doesn't have rich people. I provided you with what you asked for.  As was pointed out to you, with a 7% growth rate and an inflation rate of 15%, along with the average monthly salary at only $243.00, you cannot find a rich person in Moldova. Wrong again.

Or maybe you're not wrong. Please provide me with the phone number of a rich Moldovan and I'll call them.

By the way, your keyboard is still broken. Your G key and your P key are still switched.

The Big Dog's back

 A student from Moldova has become one of the richest men in his homeland after inheriting almost a billion euros from a relative he barely knew. Sergey Sudev had not seen his uncle, who lived in Germany, for 10 years – so was shocked to find th

It was during their meeting a decade ago that the young Moldovan unwittingly sealed his 950 million euro windfall. Sergey made such an impression on his uncle that he decided to write him into the will. 

The student had no idea he was to become so wealthy and only found out when his uncle’s agents came to Moldova to tell him the good news.

He has rocketed up Moldova’s rich-list. He’s now not far behind Vladimir Balaeskul, who currently lives in Russia and is worth around $US 2.2 BLN.

Give him a call ppppppgutz.


"What's wrong with the economy?";

The simplest of all answers is, "A capitalistic system without ample and enforecable checks and balances."

Even simple games of entertainment have enforecable rules and regulations to keep both/all teams playing fairly and equally. The same, in therory, was also attempted to be established by our founding fathers with and for our free enterprise (capitalistic) democracy. However....the "deck" was and is stacked by those who control the creation of those rules and regulations. The most basic of human instincts (survival at all costs) has a greater tendency to surface than our desire to share with each other for the survival of the whole. This also happens even when those survival needs have been met and exceeded which then becomes a matter called greed.

That unsavory and even life threatning human instinct (greed of all types, degrees and forms) requires humanity to generate laws, rules and regulations to attempt to keep it in check. Those "rules", of course, include money and with money comes money distribution. Therefore (like it or not) even our democratic system has a large element of socialistic overtures within it's very foundations.

Now we Americans find those most elementary and negative survival instincts have thoroughly infested our governing bodies. In essence...the wealthiest, most powerful, most influential humans have, since Cain and Able, prostitued the "game". For them....there isn't anything "wrong" with the economy. It is how they intend it to be.

"A capitalistic system without ample or enforceable checks and balances."

(Please do not misundertstand...I AM for capitalism. In it's purest form it can be a wonderful, beautiful, self-gratifying and even life sustaining system. However...when the average non-weathly, non-powerful, non-influential individual has too much of their hard-earned incomes and futures literally stolen by those in control....we have a problem. The ONLY solution is to remove as much money and influence from the all-governing process as humanly possible. "That" begins with (a) publically funded campaigns with limits pre-established, (b) total elimination of all forms of lobbying and (c) extremely severe penalties for both of the above. Then, and ONLY then, can we, the average American, begin to feel the full and positive ramifications of a true democracy and well working capitalistic system.

I am thankful for many , many things this Thanksgiving.  However...I am not thankful for being cheated out of what I have worked so hard, so honestly and so long for by the few dishonest and greedy among us . "We" can, we must all do better for ourselves and for the good of the whole.

Happy Thanksgiving all

Captain Gutz

Dear large canine,

I attempted to contact Mr. Sudev but was unable to find him. I did have contact with the local government of his hometown of Komrat. I was informed that Mr. Sudev has left the country, leaving behind only poor people.

He is rumored to be in Miami Beach.

опять не маленький песик, кора кора !


 I have nothing against RICH people, IF they get it honestly without the aid of government subsidies, earmarks, Tax loopholes, and don't forget, insider trading like 60 Minutes exposed.  Not only USSR gov't officials but right here in USA.


why people insist on calling this a recission and not a depression is beyond me . WE ARE IN A DEPRESSION , its not rocket science . Open your eyes people .This ccountry hasnt seen a good year sense President Clinton was in office and lets not forget all the good things he did while he was in for eight years .

He did something to boost this country and make a profit and it Bushes fault that we are in trouble . I am not going to debate this with you people cause most of you have your minds set to lay the blame on the other guy instead of looking around you with open eyes .


Clinton? Oh please, but yet he did coin the phrase regime change before bush.

In Clinton's 1998 State of the Union Address, he warned Congress of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's possible pursuit of nuclear weapons:

Together we must also confront the new hazards of chemical and biological weapons, and the outlaw states, terrorists and organized criminals seeking to acquire them. Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade, and much of his nation's wealth, not on providing for the Iraqi people, but on developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them. The United Nations weapons inspectors have done a truly remarkable job, finding and destroying more of Iraq's arsenal than was destroyed during the entire gulf war. Now, Saddam Hussein wants to stop them from completing their mission. I know I speak for everyone in this chamber, Republicans and Democrats, when I say to Saddam Hussein, "You cannot defy the will of the world", and when I say to him, "You have used weapons of mass destruction before; we are determined to deny you the capacity to use them again.[107]  

To weaken Saddam Hussein's grip of power, Clinton signed H.R. 4655 into law on October 31, 1998, which instituted a policy of "regime change" against Iraq, though it explicitly stated it did not speak to the use of American military forces.[108] The administration then launched a four-day bombing campaign named Operation Desert Fox, lasting from December 16 to December 19, 1998. For the last two years of Clinton's presidency, U.S. aircraft routinely attacked hostile Iraqi anti-air installations inside the Iraqi no-fly zones.


Nice try Brutus but the growth rate was 5% in 2007 and PROJECTED to be 7%. Salon,Slate or Fire Dog Lake coaching you still!!!


Gee Brutus, a 7%growth rate with a 15% inflation rate really helps that 2,000 dollar a year median income!!!!


to many freeloaders??


 goofus: Try to think about your country and not your politics when posting links like this. Do you honestly believe that holding the country hostage will benefit you? Look around. There is more at stake than your portflolio.


I am not agree with you Phil. This is absolutely incorrect news you got. May be Democracy is the one reason but I feel most of us are not paying the taxes on regular basis as gene44870 said. This can lead to the bad economy. And the when it becomes worst then it affects employment, health and education which are the necessity things today.

6079 Smith W

@ pntbutterandjelly:

Free market capitalism does contain its own checks and balances; it's called "failure."

Did TARP work; did the govt. takeover of GM, Chrysler, GMAC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, et al work? Yes.

By using taxpayer funds to prop up business failure and gross bureaucratic incompetency, the political ruling class has made profit private and failure public.

The rule of law allows for an orderly dissolution of business - bankruptcy.

The failure of MF Global demonstrates that perhaps bankruptcy is back in vogue. (I hope to see Jon Corzine in a perp walk.)

As has been said: Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without Hell.


Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News: Study

Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don't watch any news, according to a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Huffington Buffington Post? you gotta be kidding! They better hurry up and print more junk before they go bankrupt, oh wait a minute, Obozo will probably bail them and the NYT out LMAO!!!!

6079 Smith W


And people who read the Huffington-Puffington Post are economic and political illiterates.

AOL regrets that it bought it. It was a poor business decision.

Many writers left after it was purchased. LOL.

"As it turns out, not paying people is what had attracted AOL to Huffington in the first place."


The conclusions of the "study" were based on knowledge concerning the current state of affairs in Syria and Egypt? ROFLMAO!!!! What a crock of caca.

I'm more interested in what's goin' on in Greece.

The wealthy are hiding their money:



PB&J is that like the kids today playing soccer and not keeping score like they do today? The problem of today is too much regulation. Surivival of the fittest is still one of the prerequisites to living in today's world. I guess your blogging leads to the fact your ancestors weren't dinosaur food,darn it!!!


How can you keep up with the state of affairs in Syria and Egypt when it changes by the minute. I really don't think a progressive could find either one on a map!!!!! By the way one and a half allies are now our enemys thanks Barry!!!!

6079 Smith W

@ goofus:

H*ll! I'd wager that the majority of Americans couldn't find Egypt and Syria on a map. Is Geography still taught in U.S. schools?

Perhaps Mr. Obama should begin a new MidEast apology tour?

Who the @#$% cares about Syria and Egypt? There are others that the U.S. should be more concerned about.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is over 300 lbs, diabetic and 87 yrs. old.

Watch for a very strong possibility of a revolution and a disruption of one of our major oil suppliers after he goes.

How informed are "regressives" like coasterfan on this? :)


The Big Dog's back

 Don't you  2 (winnie, goofus) have something else better to do today than to spread more hate mongering?


@ Smith;

Often, sometimes very often, your comments, in reality, echo my own. The problem, however, is that you fail to see the comparisons. Too little or too much regulation does cause problems. What we are facing today is "too much regulation FOR the elite wealthy". That shadow crowd makes the rules through any means they can. If that means changing, adding or deleting existing regulations that favors be it! In the mean time they also create additional rules, laws and regulations for those not in their circle. Hence, "too many regulations" as totuted by some. It's the imbalance and the tactics use in the name of "free enterprise" that is unfair, infuriating and for those who don't understand the difference(s). It is a philosophical/monetary war between Americans. Some are fortunate via hard work and truly fair play, some who are fortunate to have ample via ill-gotten/unfair means and the vast majority of the rest.

Get the money out of elections and governmental influence and the process will then have the opportunity to right the ship for all the right reasons. 



let's go eat some turkey!!!!

6079 Smith W

@ pntbutterandjelly:

As long as the bureaucrats print and distribute the currency of the relm, your "get the money out" proposition is and will remain unworkable.

Using gold and perhaps silver as means of exchange makes it much more difficult for the political ruling class to game the system.

But that ain’t gonna happen either except by default after the almost inevitable fiscal and economic collapse.

Gold is increasingly becoming a defacto second alternative to the U.S. dollar.

I prefer the ETF (GLD).



@ Smith: I agree that our currency is nothing more than a caveat currency (backed by "0") but.....I was refering to only the money plowed into the election process and other ways its influence tips the scales of democratic rewards towards a few rather than (as supposedly designed for) the masses who are actually the pillars of that same democratic system.

So much has changed in my lifetime that reaps negative results for our country as a whole and "yes" one of those was coming off the gold standard. I also agree with you in so much as "good luck getting that chnged back". can be done. Most likely correct, large scale changes can not be made soley by our individaul votes is a possibility. Barring that sceanario we still do have, to some rapidly dimiinishing degrees, the capability of showing our displeasure with peaceful and demonstrative actions. Barring that...there are only two remaining alternatives. "A" being "by force" and "B" by giving up. I will make efforts via the former three but not entertain the 4th. know as well as I (and many, many others) there is definately something "wrong" with our country, its governance and the direction it is heading. Now...all we bottom feeders need to get involved with the attempt to bring back what we all knew and loved about OUR country. I know that I am using what available resources (including time) I have at my disposal to help straighten out the mess. "Failure" is not a sin but "lack of effort" is.

Here is a small glimpse of my bio (for what it is worth); 60 year old, caucasion male, high school only education with a supposed I.Q. of 117, former construction worker/antique dealer/newspaper article contributor, re-oragnized the local J-C chapter, father of two (one being an adopted foreign baby), current owner of three different small, local businesses, member of a local tourism council, own a home in north-central Ohio and another in Florida, conservative w/progressive bent (centrist/Independent) political views and respectful of others' religions, lifestyles, viewpoints, mental capabilties and gender preferances. I am intolerant of stupidity, bullying and, arrogance. I consider myself a; warrior,  country gentleman, healer, realist and somewhat of a visionary. I am well-rounded, fairly well read, and seek truth, understanding, love, growth and helping others.

Now then...."who" are you?



Smith has stated in past posts that he moved from Texas to Norwalk to take care of elderly parents. He spends an inordinate amount of time posting on the Sandusky Register, Norwalk Reflector, and other sites, at all hours of the day and night. I always wondered if he got caught up in Global Crossing or Enron and had to move back in with his parents. My guess is that he is either a trader or in insurance. The later because of his over reaction to what he refers to as Obama Care.

He sites Wikipedia regularly, but I would bet that he doesn't know that the wiki is a not-for-profit organization, that depends on donations for its existance. Yet, I would also bet that he doesn't donate.

The only other citations that I can remember have come from the Drudge Report, The Wall Street Journal, FOX, or Washington Post. Most often these are opnion articles that are linked to all libertarians. I have often wondered if he reads them, because they are usually taken out of context.

His screen name, Smith Winston-Smith W, is from the George Orwell's 1984.


Winston Smith is a fictional character and the protagonist of George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The character was employed by Orwell as an everyman in the setting of the novel, a "central eye ... [the reader] can readily identify with".[1] Winston Smith works as a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth, where his job is to rewrite historical documents so they match the constantly changing current party line. This involves revising newspaper articles and doctoring photographs—mostly to remove "unpersons," people who have fallen foul of the party. Because of his proximity to the mechanics of rewriting history, Winston Smith nurses doubts about the Party and its monopoly on truth. Whenever Winston appears in front of a telescreen, he is referred to as "6079 Smith W". (Wikipedia)



PB&J forgort seminar blogger in (his) biography. LOL Conservative progressive? Why are people on the left so scared as to run away from the word which so describes them, LIBERALS!!!! PB&J you are what you are and it's not that hard of a word to spell LIBERAL. Stay tuned for my bio coming as soon as I can make it up ROFLMAO.

PB&J, you left out your charitable gifts and to whom you donate all your money. I personally support HHH. Habitat for Homeless Hookers.











Here's the latest on PB&J's vaunted OWS

All events listed are backed up in local news media when you click on it. Fine upstanding role models for the liberal cause.



How many times do you plan to load that same link? The "take a bath" and "get a job" posts are getting more attention than you want. At least, from the 99% that understand that there are no jobs to be had that will keep you from being homeless, or raise a family.


6079 Smith W

@ pntbutterandjelly:

I allow my words to speak for themselves; personal aspects as to: Who, what, when, where, why and how are large irrelevant.

The idea of removing money from politics is a chimera. It's been attempted through innumerable pieces of legislation on the fed, state and local level for over one hundred yrs. with little success.

Thinking that just one more piece of legislation will "cure" it is a fool's errand.

Read up:



 Smith: Which chimera are you refering to? A mythological being with body parts from two different animals, such as a goat and human? An animal produced by the fertilization of two non-identical zygotes, which fuse? Or, the DNA chimera that is produced through the crossing over of alleles?

6079 Smith W

eriemom writes:

"Smith has stated in past posts that he moved from Texas to Norwalk to take care of elderly parents."

Inaccurate like the majority of your nonsense.

About all I care to know about you is: Are you still an omnivore and a global warming believing hypocrite?

You really should read "Nineteen Eighty-Four." With your strong desires for centralized planning and authoritarianism, you'd undoubtedly side with the character O'Brien.  



Cowan writes from an old economy perspective that underappreciates contemporary technology's impact on productivity gains and new products, as well as unsustainable population growth, natural resource depletion and pollution. "Just be patient and everything will be OK." Right. It's not a very good book.

Race Against the Machine is much closer to the mark and worth the read but seems to focus on just one dimension of our malaise. To fully understand the situation, one must understand not just the impacts of technology, but those of unsustainable population growth, natural resource depletion and pollution.



Gee, Eriemom certainly is on a roll, I wonder if somebody defecated in her Wheaties or she is saddened about the newest e mail collection from her hero global warming "scientists' and the onset of climate gate redux. By the way, I don't work and in no danger of being homeless. And are you calling OWS'ers homeless derelicts?


 goofus: The latest collection of emails were hacked at the same time as the first goup that was taken--out of context, and vindicated. There is a rumor floating around that Rupert is involved with email hacking here, just as he is in the UK. Care to respond?

I didn't state that you were homeless. When are you headed south? 

I also didn't call the OWSers derelicts.

On a roll? No, just have time to respond. I cooked enough food yesterday to feed an army. I won't fly back out until next weekend.


@ Goofus and Smith;

Both of you derilicts are not worth discussing anything with. Hence...any replies or posts from the two of you are will be ignored by myself and I would hope by others. You two have repeatedly proved yourselves to be completely inept at carrying out meaningful conversations let alone sane ones. The two of you are also what is wrong with this country and for the most part...humanity. Have you two ever considered therapy? There is an obvious need.

So....Eriemom....what shall you and I discuss?  Politics? Weather? The economy? Name your poison.


Eriemom, if there are no jobs to be had, how can you explain the lower unemployment rates in other states and even counties?


Oh the humanity!!!! Just keep ignoring the facts and truth there PB&J. I am not a derelict, I've never been to an OWS site!!!


Kinda funny & sad all at the same time.            Listened & watched as many blo-rods gleefully celebrated DECENT paying jobs leave America.                Now our tax base is lower, many do more with less -  while many see  prices increase.                         The result is clear.     This stuff hits all of us.

6079 Smith W

@ pntbutterandjelly:

Quite a nitwitted rant.

Money in politics?

"Which super PAC has spent the most on independent expenditures so far this year, and which candidate did the super PAC spend most heavily against?"

"The answer is House Majority PAC, the Democratic super PAC backed by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)."



6079 Smith W

@ pntbutterandjelly:

Also, the financial meltdown was even worse than Congress and the WH knew.

Bloomberg had to sue to get the info.

"The Federal Reserve and the big banks fought for more than two years to keep details of the largest bailout in U.S. history a secret. Now, the rest of the world can see what it was missing.":


And, the Fed is getting ready to buy $545B in mortgage backed securities in order to help keep the housing bubble inflated:

Your tax dollars at work.






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