NASA awaits its fate

Tom Jackson
Mar 23, 2010


Erie County has pinned much of its hopes for economic revival upon NASA Plum Brook Station, which is expected to expand its operations to support Constellation, NASA’s effort to develop a new generation of space rockets, the Ares, to replace the space shuttle and to send astronauts back to the Moon.

Constellation was a project of the Bush administration, however, so what President-elect Barack Obama wants to do with the space program is going to be critical to Plum Brook’s fate. Obama’s transition team for space exploration is considering a wide range of options, and the president-elect hasn’t tipped his hand so far on what he plans to do, according to an interesting New York Times article. The headline for the piece is “The Fight Over NASA’s Future.”




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Don't ignore deep space probes, looking for life on other planets and getting to those remote stars with really really fast propulsions system.

Manned space flight could split into modified plane orbiters combined with unmanned heavy lift vehicles. Basically send something up, then fly to it.