The Old Farmers’ Almanac has been published since 1792, making it the longest continuously published publication in America. It came out in September, predicating the upcoming winter weather that is used by farmers and outdoor enthusiasts.

9:31 AM Nov 22, 2014

Even before the coastal marshes freeze and waterfowl are forced to roost on remaining open water on the lake, rivers, bays and ponds — grain field hunting can be a great alternative to hunting from waterfront duck blinds.

7:43 PM Nov 15, 2014

According to oral tribal history and more recent written records, Native American hunters pursued the huge numbers of raccoons each fall on the Lake Erie Islands.

7:13 PM Nov 8, 2014

On Tuesday, the nation goes to the polls to vote for various candidates, issues and levies. Actually, Election Day has evolved into Election Month, ostensibly to accommodate those with questionable time management skills, while allegedly abetting various forms of election abuse.

2:58 PM Nov 1, 2014

As waterfowl hunters occupy their blinds on Lake Erie, a nearby tributary, wetland or pond waiting for some ducks or geese to show up, many of them are momentarily alerted when some low-flying birds catch their eye.

8:34 PM Oct 25, 2014

In my four years at Northwood High School, I missed exactly four days of classes — each opening day of small game season. I wasn’t playing hooky, because I carried an excused absence slip signed by the principal in my pocket.

9:39 PM Oct 18, 2014

Western Lake Erie has the Mississippi and Atlantic Waterfowl Flyways intersecting the region, likely since the time of the Great Black Swamp, which entered the lake from Southwestern Michigan to Catawba/Marblehead.

6:26 PM Oct 11, 2014

For the anglers without a boat, the chance to catch walleyes using the least amount of equipment or expense is underway from now until freeze-up.

11:10 AM Oct 5, 2014

Ohio’s white-tailed bucks have all three things that are needed to grow large antlers: good genetics, adequate nutrition and age.

9:14 PM Sep 27, 2014

Gizzard shad are native to warmer, southern latitudes, only gaining entrance into Lake Erie after the Ohio-Erie Canal was completed in 1825.

8:28 PM Sep 20, 2014


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