9:14 PM Sep 27, 2014

Ohio’s white-tailed bucks have all three things that are needed to grow large antlers: good genetics, adequate nutrition and age.

8:28 PM Sep 20, 2014

Gizzard shad are native to warmer, southern latitudes, only gaining entrance into Lake Erie after the Ohio-Erie Canal was completed in 1825.

7:45 PM Sep 13, 2014

Lake Erie clearly affects the climate and weather of this region.

12:46 AM Sep 7, 2014

Labor Day weekend is traditionally when fishermen get serious about perch fishing.

12:45 AM Aug 31, 2014

When "Martha," the world’s last remaining passenger pigeon at the Cincinnati Zoo died on Sept. 1, 1914, it was the last breath of air ever taken by a species once numbering in the billions.

10:45 PM Aug 23, 2014

By way of an introduction, my name is John Hageman.

If the name sounds familiar, it may be because I frequently provided news while Manager of Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory in Put-in-Bay for 25 years. I also operated Primetime Ice Charters.

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