What was your first coaster at Cedar Point?

Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 20, 2014


Was it the Gemini? The Blue Streak? Top Thrill?

Here's our list of the best order for kids to make their way up the roller coaster ranks at America's Roller Coast...

1) Wilderness Run — Formerly Junior Gemini, this coaster has been a starter for millions of kids.

2) Pipe Scream — The new ride for 2014 makes 17 coasters at Cedar Point.

3) Cedar Creek Mine Ride — Yes, the full name of the coaster you know as the Mine Ride is officially the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. We would recommend riding this with your kids before they are able to ride Woodstock Express on their own.

4) Woodstock Express — For a kids' coaster it moves pretty fast and take a front seat to get closer to Woodstock's bell. You could swap this with the Mine Ride depending on height.

5) Iron Dragon — The enclosed ride moves pretty fast and has some steep hills.

6) Blue Streak — The Sandusky's High School mascot's namesake is 50 this year. Remember when there was one seat belt for two people and the big wooden brake?

7) Gemini — Put the kids in the blue train and ride in the red train and see who wins for your second time. You might want to sit with them for their first ride on this classic.

8) Corkscrew — Are the kids ready to go upside down? How about three times? How about at night?

9) Magnum XL-200 — The 200 means over 200 feet. Don't forget to smile after the second tunnel on the way back.

10) Mean Streak — Spend some time getting back to the park and on the ride. It has one of the longest tracks of all Cedar Point's coasters. It was the tallest and fastest wooden coaster when it opened in 1991.

11) Millennium Force — Arguably Cedar Point's best coaster. With a height requirement of 48" some kindergartners may be brave enough to top 300 feet.

12) Wicked Twister — The kids will have to be 52" tall to reach for the sky on this one.

13) Maverick — After the kids have done the twist on Wicked Twister, take them to the back of the park to turn and twist while being inverted 

14) Mantis — Stand up and go upside down? Yes, please.

15) Raptor — Dangle your feet and hold your breath for another Cedar Point favorite.

16) Top Thrill Dragster — Arms down and head back as you reach 400 feet and 120 mph.

17) GateKeeper — Do you believe you can fly? The kids will have to put on their big boy or big girl pants to ride the GateKeeper. But after 120 mph on Top Thrill, that shouldn't be a problem.

What was your coasting order growing up? Comment below...




Blue Streak :)


For sure the Blue Streak. Still to this day you better hold on, or you might get thrown out.


Corkscrew when I was 11 years old and I got extremely dizzy and sick and never rode a roller coaster again until i was a dare devil and rode the Woodstock Express with my daughter about 6 years ago and got dizzy and sick again. Off of a kiddie ride. Haha! Yeah, guess I'm not meant for roller coasters.

lunchtime 175

The Blue Streak for sure. Still a great ride. The Mine Ride is a good one too but can be a bit jerky on the curves.

Finn Finn

Mine Ride way back in the early 70's. Went to C.P. with my Mom, Dad and six sibs. What great memories. Had a blast. Ahh, lost youth.

local man

Raptor and Millenium Force should be switched on the list and Mean Streak should be the last one listed and ridden before you make the trip to the chiropractor.

Don Lee

CP&LE RR. Nice level track, good views.


I remember going to the Point with friends and riding the Blue Streak 33 times in row. We would get off, run to the line and go again. I would not try that today as age has taken a toll on this body, but the memories are fantastic. Oh, and Berardi fries with Vinegar and salt, what a day!!!

meg a

Blue Streak! I haven't been there in years,but I think I would go on it again. One of them jerked you around too much. Maybe the Mean Streak?


The Sweeperettes are still the best ride in the park!


disatser transport when it still had all the robots and special effects


The Wild Cat a long, long time ago!


The Cedar Creek Mine Ride, my dad took my sister and I on it when I was 5, it is still a fun ride even after all these years.


Jumbo Jet, Wild Cat and Blue Streak were my firsts.

And it wasn't a Coaster, but I loved EarthQuake! And of course the FunHouse! Those were the days! You got colored string on your wrist that was clamped with a metal clasp when you entered the park and you wore it all summer long, to show off!

And I just took a 5 and 8 year old for their first time ever to CP and got them started on Magnum, Millenium and every coaster a 48" kid can ride. They loved it!

dorothy gale

Probably the Jumbo Jet or Wildcat.