12:17 PM Feb 10, 2014

Oats Roll Higher

12:58 PM Feb 3, 2014

Natural Gas Ballooning Wildly

1:34 PM Jan 26, 2014

Soybeans Sucked Lower

12:18 PM Jan 20, 2014

Cattle Prices Explode

12:29 PM Jan 13, 2014

Orange Juice Wakes Up

12:47 PM Oct 21, 2013

Cattle Spooked by Shutdown

12:31 PM Oct 7, 2013

Corn Collapses

4:00 PM Sep 27, 2013

Here is this week’s edition of Futures File, our weekly commodities wrap-up:
Mideast Calm Sinks Crude
Crude oil prices declined again this week as tensions eased between the United States and “rogue states” Iran and Syria.

4:00 PM Sep 20, 2013

Fed Keeps Pump Primed
The Federal Reserve surprised markets on Wednesday with an announcement that they were not changing anything.

4:00 PM Sep 20, 2013

This week, tensions eased between Syria and the United States as it looked like a Russian-brokered deal might lead to peaceful removal of chemical weapons. The potential for peace caused a sell-off in gold, crude oil, and related commodities.

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