Crude boils hire

Jun 16, 2014


Crude oil prices exploded higher this week as the military conflict escalated in Iraq. Sunni militants have reportedly captured multiple major Iraqi cities and now threaten to take Baghdad, the capital. Meanwhile, as government troops were in full retreat, ethnic minority Kurdish troops took control of oil-rich Kirkuk, a city in northern Iraq. As the Iraqi government’s control collapsed, fears rose that instability could interrupt the flow of oil from the world’s sixth-largest oil exporter. In the wake of these fears, oil prices blew over $107 per barrel on Friday morning, the highest price in nearly nine months.

In the near-term, it looks as if there could be more conflict to come in Iraq. The Iraqi government is calling upon the US for military support, including airstrikes. Meanwhile, there are reports of Iranian troops crossing the Iran-Iraq border in support of the government, which could create an odd alliance for the United States and Iran who are both seeking to bolster the current Iraqi leadership.

Grains in the Drain

On Wednesday, the US Department of Agriculture confirmed the market’s expectation that this year’s crop of corn and soybeans will more than meet demand, leading to an abundance of grains this year. Without a major weather event, like the searing drought that hit the Midwest in 2012, USDA analysts expect that US grain stockpiles will swell this fall. As a result, corn and bean prices fell to multi-month lows, with December corn crumbling to $4.39 and November soybeans nose-diving to $12.04 per bushel.

Cattle Catapult to New Record

Cattle prices continued their meteoric rise this week, as the value of young cattle, known in the industry as “feeders” rose to a record high price of $2.08 per pound on Friday. Meanwhile, the price for market-ready or “fat” cattle stampeded to a four-month high, with August live cattle pushing up to $1.47 per pound on Friday. Some analysts warn that prices could continue climbing until there is a sharp drop-off in consumer demand for beef.

Cattle supplies are still relatively low due to the droughts of the past few years limiting overall herd size, which has left the market imbalanced, with too much demand chasing too little supply.


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Stop It

Yeah, we "FIXED" it. It shows.


July, 2008...Crude hits $147 per barrel, gasoline costs $4.11 per gallon and the democrats go wild blaming Bush. Fast forward to 2014...Crude blows past $107 per barrel and we've already seen $3.95 per gallon gasoline last week as Iraq explodes! When crude hits $147 per barrel, again, I expect we'll be paying nearly $6.00 per gallon. Will the democrats and the media be blaming this president? Don't hold your breath...That's not how hypocracy works!

The Bizness

While I understand that many pundits blame presidents for gas prices, the president, and government in general, can do very little to help.

Time to get a new car that is more efficient, electric, or start cycling to work.


Actually, there are actions that the government could and should have been taking, over time, that would have lessened our dependence on foreign oil. However, that was not the point of my comment. Hypocracy by the democrats and the media was the issue.

The Bizness

lol yes blame the liberal media


At least now, you're getting half the point...keep trying!

Peninsula Pundit

According to the American Petroleum Institute, America now is self-sufficient in production of oil and natural gas. This is clearly evidenced by the fact we are building tankers to ship natural gas overseas and American actually is a net EXPORTER of finished gasoline.
It is also a well-known fact that Iraq's oil fields have been essentially fallow since the first Iraq war and have no real bearing (or shouldn't) on the price of oil in this country, except for the action of speculators who also, by rights, shouldn't have any effect on the price of oil, but sadly, they do.
You have to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff.
These articles about why you are paying $4 a gallon is just pablum for the uninformed to blame their favorite whipping boy for and has nothing to do with fact.


I'm pretty sure you're missing the point, also. In 2008, when gasoline topped $4 per gallon, the dims and the media did blame that president. So, when it happens this time, will they also blame this president? If not, hypocracy. I did enjoy your comment about the uninformed blaming their favorite whipping boy. Try not to be too hard on the dimocrats!

The Big Dog's back

To bad raygun tore the solar panels off the White's House and decimated the alternative energy program.


Even if your statement is true, Obama has had 5 yrs to put the panels back up.

How is everything in uaw paradise?

The Bizness

Also, nice proofread on that headline: "Crude boils hire"!


maybe they meant higher. Ain't spell check wonderful?


The SR can higher me for there editorial staff.



No possible way they can make this many mistakes accidently.


Just think we have 2 more years of this idiot then 8 years of Billary.


I thought the SR's headline had something to do with "boils".


@ Wjones44: The House of Representatives is full of Republican idiots that make Barack look like a genius. How's that Eric Cantor thing doing? He wasn't smart enough to run his own campaign. That's probably due to the fact he was trying to figure out what bill to block next or grabbing some cash from his cronies. He is a demonstration of how to NOT be presidential material. If he is the best thing the Republicans have...I almost feel sorry for their party.


Harry Reid is a showcase for the Dumbocrats. Oh, let's not forget Pelosi. The idiot in chief had both the house and senate and did nothing. Now go back into your hole.


IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, obozocare, VA, releasing 5 terrorists, border fiasco happening now... Anyone care to add anything else the idiot in chief has done?


My hope is that people vote. Hold their elected officials accountable. That is a challenge.


The problem is the voters are not educated with what's really going on. They see their "buddy" Barack reading from the teleprompter giving his rally speeches out on the campaign trail and that's all they know.