11:00 AM Aug 28, 2014
In a way, over the past several years I’ve looked at President Obama’s signature mortgage relief program, the Home Affordable Modification Program, otherwise known as HAMP, as both the good news and bad news at the same time.
11:00 AM Aug 21, 2014
We had an occasion to take a hard look at a reverse mortgage recently in the case of Alice.
Alice and her now deceased husband, Joe, took out the mortgage in 2009 on the home they raised their family and lived in for 47 years.
2:46 PM Aug 15, 2014
The Williamses came into our office in January of this year in dire straits. They had just received a Notice of Default from their mortgage loan servicer demanding a payment of over $28,000 within 30 days to bring their mortgage current; otherwise foreclosure would ensue.
12:19 PM Jul 31, 2014
9:30 AM Jul 24, 2014
10:31 AM Jun 26, 2014
12:18 PM Jun 19, 2014
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