VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, Oct. 27

Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 27, 2011


Andy Ouriel and Emil Whitis talk about the hayride crash, what offices they would run for and their favorite and least favorite Halloween candy on this week's edition of Five Points.

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The Emil and Andy Show is my new favorite show.

If a fan club is ever established, I would like to be president of the New Mexico Branch.


Emil, I'm dissapointed this is how I learn you finally tied the knot... anyway, congratulations Mr. Krancevic, don't forget your roots at the ADP (I have to try and sneak into the press convention this weekend). Let's hit up the RRG soon!


Alert:    Perkins Board of Education and Superintendent Gunner are at it again!  On Wednesday, 2 Nov. at the Board office it is their intention to pass a resolution to move inside millage (5.2 mills) to the Permanent Improvement Fund, since the community of Perkins defeated the 100 million dollar plan to build new school facilities.  This is an underhanded method of starting to replace buildings without the approval of the voters.  Moving the inside millage means the effective millage will drop below the "20 mill floor" for schools required by law and require the auditor to increase our taxes without our vote.  Once in the Permanent Improvement Fund the taxes resulting will increase with every increase in valuation, again without a vote of the taxpayers.

What's more, the 5.2 mills moved will have to be replaced to continue "Operations of Perkins Schools";  and from where will that money come?   You got it!!  The BOE will come to the taxpayers for an "emergency levy" very quickly.

Gunner and his cronies on the Board are devious, to say the least, proving they will do anything to get what they want.  They couldn't care less about the economic conditions and the inability of Perkins taxpayers to afford more taxes.

Our only hope to counter this planned action is to immediately contact Board of Ed members to express our displeasure and lack of confidence in the Board and Sup't.  Remember the meeting to present this plan is at Perkins High School (Board Office) at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, 2 Nov.

This "outsider superintendent" and Board have to be watched and controlled every minute, it seems.