VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, Oct. 13

Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 13, 2011


This week on Five Points with Emil and Andy, the guys talk about the big green blob in Lake Erie, Occupy Wall Street and proper dress code for reporters.


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Quit blaming the farmers

All of the raw sewage is most to blame


Some FBI agents have their nose up in the air. There are many corrupt FBI agents. I have proof that is well known. Some are in prison.


I follow many who post comments on here and who provide links. I put these links into my favorites to review later to establish fact from fiction.

Check out this turkey who was the head of the Toledo FBI.

What a nice sounding Italian surname

The powers that be at work perhaps?


They fear what reporters record because they have something to hide


Regarding the algal blooms..... Cleveland's rainfall is about 21 inches above normal to this point in the year.  Is it any wonder there's been more runoff from both farm fields and fertilized yards ?  Plus all the sewage overflows from the day we had over 6 inches of rain a few weeks ago.  If Sandusky dumped several million gallons of untreated sewage, how many other cities along the lake shore also dumped during that rainfall ?

Improved farming practices to decrease runoff and also improvements in how land is developed and roads and sidewalks paved to allow more rainwater to soak into the ground instead of running off into combined storm and sanitary sewers will help this problem.  Chicago has worked on programs using paving bricks that allow 80 % of rain water to soak into the ground.  Let's adopt better practices on the farms and in the cities.

Regarding increasing taxes on the well off.... In the last few decades the middle class has taken such a hit from the loss of all the manufacturing jobs.....just look back at all the foundries, paper companies, crayon works.....all those jobs were places folks could work and afford a modest home.  While the middle class has suffered from the loss of those jobs, the rich have prospered and the concentration of wealth in a small percentage of the populace has increased to record levels.  The strength of our economy has always been the buying power of the masses, not the spending of the super rich on toys and trinkets.   Those who have done exceptionally well need to pay back in proportion to their success to support the nation and the economy that allowed them to amass their wealth.


You have been "ordered" to answer any questions from the readers by Jason also known as "funcoast" to answer all questions?


Like how "funcoast" evaded questions from me and lied about it?

What a liar funcoast is.



What is your email address, Emil? It is not listed on


Thses guys are a couple of clowns.

Sarah Weber

@ Centauri

Emil can be reached at


@ Sarah Weber    Thank you for posting Emil's email address.



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