VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, Sept. 15

Sep 16, 2011


This week on Five Points with Emil and Andy we tackle the sewage overflow issue, new information in recent police misconduct and why in the world anyone would watch Sex in the City.

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"Uh...UHm...Ahhh...."  "Conjunction Junction, what's your function?" Oh that's right Amos and Andy were too young to watch that.   Throw in a few "likes" in the conversation and we have just another view of S.R.'s finest.  Don't worry about "Sex In The City",a fictional show, worry about our "Sick Of The City" a real life show.  OH, and good one UNA!!


Emil said that the lake has a way of cleansing itself. Well, the problem in my eyes is that humans eat processed foods and inject toxins into their bodies. Whereas, fish eat from the lake through other fish, algae, and other components of the lake. A fishes poop is much less toxic.