Five Points with Emil & Andy for August 9, 2012

Jason Werling
Aug 9, 2012


All's fair with the Erie County Fair this week on Five Points with Emil & Andy. Watch the program to see what they think they would fair the best in at the fairgrounds.

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These two guys are cute.....really and seriously.  If I were going to adopt I would adopt them.  If they want to be put in a cage, I can accomodate that. 

A fair is fun, but I seriously hope that security can be better given what happened to friends of ours.  Please see to it that it happens given the thugs around Sandusky.   


local man

Thanks for talking about the animal auction.  What was missed in the discussion was for someone who desires pork, beef, lamb or even chickens, turkeys, etc, supporting 4-H projects with a buy will result in a charitable contribution as well as in most cases meat in your freezer at substantially lower prices than what you pay in the store.  The auction for the bigger animals is Sat night @ 6PM, smaller animals and other fair projects tonite @ 6.  Last year our cow came in at $2.25lb when it was all said and done. There are people at the fair that can explain how to bid.  Keep in mind the money goes to the kid - he needs to recoup all the initial costs involved with his animal as well as bank some money.