VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, July 19

Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 19, 2012


Reporters Andy Ouriel and Emil Whitis talk this week about Tom Paul's voicemail rant and the Wilbert Street murder.

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@ Matt Westerhold,

I looked forward to read all of Frugalspender's comments each day. What is the real reason why Frugalspender, Marcus M. and others have been banned? I noticed that my comment that had the entire log of comments and questions from the wiredmama interview chat room was deleted. Why is that? Matt, you failed to answer all of the questions in that log of comments and questions.

I feel that it was in poor taste to publish Tom Paul's voice mail. His cell phone number is now all over the internet. Who will pay for his minutes?



 Frugalspender has been banned ???? Boooooooo.. No wonder I can't find her..I want to get in touch with her about a pic she posted a while back.

Oh yeah..Thanks Centauri..I was able to read the comments you posted from Wiredmamas interview before they were deleted..I wasn't able to watch it live and I scrolled the comments to get a jist of what had been said.


I think that when the cell number was given, they bleeped it out, at least that was what I heard.


To one and all.....If you have comments to me, please send them to my email.  I would LOVE to read them and answer.  I had NO idea they were deleted or taken off.  Please feel free to do so.  You can click on my name and then contact and you can send them right to me.  I will answer anything you wish to send.  Feel free to state anything you have to say to me personally.  I have no fear of what you have to say to me.  I agreed to that when I agreed to appear.  Go right ahead. 

I looked forward to that interview and asked questions of Mr. Westerhold that I thought you all might like to hear about the Goode interview and about the SPD.  Some of you even sent questions you wanted asked and I got as many in as I could. I wrote them down and asked them.  i had a file with me so I wouldn't forget them.  So go ahead and say what you will.  I had no agenda, no problem. 

Mr. Westerhold and I had two rules on our agreement:  nothing about family and I would not reveal my real name.  So go ahead and ask anything else you wish following those lines.  Be my guest. 


@Centauri......I don't think it was in poor taste to post that voice mail at all.  This man should have KNOWN better as a public official than to do what he did.  Shame on him for using such language and going off like that.  He has no business in using that kind of language while representing the public. 

If he cannot control his temper any better than that, he shouldn't be representing the general population of this area.  You do not act like that in public or in private while in office.  I think it sad that he resorted to using that language or that tone of voice with ANYONE to get his point across.  Does he do that with anyone when he gets frustated or when he gets upset?  Is that how he speaks to the general person when the talk to HIM and he gets mad????  I wonder?  Nope, I think we saw the REAL man there and I am glad we got to.



people get banned for not following the rules, going off topic and posting too many personal attacks on others.  You get an email and if you don't stop you get banned.  If you think it's a joke, you are saddly mistaken.  This isn't a free for all, it is serious.  Look at the guidelines.  Going off topic is one of the problems on here as well as personal attacks on others.  Do it too many times and you get put off. 

That could be why Marcus M got put off.  As for  Frugalspender....she was going off topic a lot of late and that could be why.  (just guessing on her).  But Marcus was good at punching at people individually. 

These boards are a privilidge not a right.  There is a difference.  Sometimes people take too much of an advantage. 

Just saying .  When we get too liberal with our privileges we get shot down.