VIDEO: Five Point with Emil and Andy, June 16

Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 17, 2012


Catch this week's Five Points with Emil and Andy right here.

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this show is doomed. maybe karen can help. last comment from me on this show. i did try to help. good luck guys.


@furgal....I have to agree....these guys need more help than anyone than can be imagined.  WOW


they are a cute couple tho

swiss family

 yea... it is sad to say, but I also am done trying to watch this..  I thought it had so much potential, and they were open to suggestions, but it seems to be the same problems week after week... I don't know if these guys have never watched a news program,  but I have never seen where the "hosts" talk back and forth to the people behind the careas  for nearly the entire show.. it might even add somethiing if they were to have "werling" and his side kick.. miced.. so we could hear what they are discussing,, but without that we are hearing  only one side of a conversation, trying to figure out what they are discussing...Sorry guys  I tried, I was even imnterested at first, but I am tired of only hearing about half of the show... take this week.. it was  or could have been  some kind of closure  to all who knew Mr Smith.... but to hear  or not hear, someone offf mic, mumbling some words that no one could understand seem  sad and almost disrespectful


 first time that ive ever seen one of these shows (and the last).  This was PAINFUL!...