VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, May 24

Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2012


This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy talk about voyeurism, their most awkward reporting moments and Memorial Day plans.

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boys boys, why no comments from the readers? not even critical ones that referred to you as amos and andy or beavis and b*tthead? could it be that your show is boring and nobody except me is watching? there have been some improvements to your show such as the multi camera angles, getting rid of that silly basketball hoop and a few minor other things. how about a little humor mixed in with your opinions of news events? andy's mustard eating event was alright but it could have been much more funny. let's see andy eat some limburger cheese and watch his facial expressions? if andy can eat mustard by the bottle, he should be able to eat some limburger cheese.  "smells like feet"?   i think that it smells worse but i am not allowed to use obscene words. then after andy eats that cheese, shake hands with emil so that he can then shake hands with mitt. how about emil and andy singing a karaoke song?

"Your submission has triggered the profanity filter and will not be accepted until the inappropriate language is removed."   really? how come emil gets to say b*tthead at the 12:43 video segment? for shame emil, for shame. that was a real ball buster that i am flagged for the same word.




Maybe not everyone feels compelled to comment on everything they read and watch.  Lack of comments is not an indicator of those watching or not.  Not everyone feels the need to chime in on everything.  I enjoy the show and don't feel that the guys need to be singing karaoke or any doing bits to get viewers.  As far as the basketball hoop, geez, it was just because of the NCAA.   Some people have an opinion on everything, how exhausing it must be to ponder about such non issues.


"Some people have an opinion on everything, how exhausing it must be to ponder about such non issues." karen, actually i want to see emil and andy become successful in their careers and i want the show to become much better to draw a larger audience. so you think that i spend too much time commenting on stories like the hutaree story? here is a clue. i try to make a difference for people, our country and for a better society for all. some people hardly ever comment because they don't care. i care. do you care, karen?  how many comments have you posted? i post a lot of comments to try to make a difference.