VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, May 10

Sandusky Register Staff
May 10, 2012


This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy talk about Andy's preview of the Cleveland casino and how it might impact the region.

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nice haircut emil. it makes you look distinguished as a reporter. while andy is trying to bring obama to the area, why don't you contact gary johnson and ron paul?  gary johnson will come and maybe ron paul too. here is a question for andy. since you got little success in getting answers to the CHIP scandal, how about getting some information on that island express ferry that failed to pay back taxes. to make it easy for you, i want to know how many tax dollars were used for grants and loans and how much of the loan money was paid back. i am referring to local, state and federal grants and loans. was $500,000 in taxpayer money spent on improvements to benefit this private company as shown in this news?

Erie County Resident

Hi FruGalSpender, just paused the video so I didn't have to listen to Emo & Android.

Do you actually expect these 2 stoners to tackle a real topic with any inteligence? LMAO

That'll never happen in our lifetime,, To many burned out brain cells between these 2.