VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, May 3

Sandusky Register Staff
May 4, 2012


This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy talk about the demise of the WildCat, a woman's dispute over her arrest for public intoxication and they take rapid fire questions from our Facebook friends.

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good show emil and andy. it is late and the hackers are at their best. you hear the critics but you never hear of good comments. good show. no criticim from me. i have your back. you will only get better in your show. i look forward to your show each week. screw those who do not want to watch your once a week show for only 20 minutes. you will only get better. keep up the good work. you never hear from the people how good you do. you only hear from the bad. over and out until the hackers get a wind.

Tru Grit

I stand by my feelings these guy's are a joke when it comes to talking about news. I don't do what they do but feel IĀ could do a better job of hosting a web show like this. Hopefully the SR stops wasting MB's on these to jokes they call employee's. BTW I have no personal bias against these guy's they just to me come off as idiot who are not only not from sandusky but just seem to smoke to much pot and or something else. Their thought process is questionable.