VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, April 26

Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 26, 2012


This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy discuss the death penalty whether or not Ohio should repeal it. Ohio is one of 33 states using the death penalty.

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Tru Grit

These guys are waste of megabytes, I mean if you actually listen to these guys you get dumber.

swiss family

 wow... I was really going to disagree with you Tru Grit, because it has been interesting to watch them in the past..... BUT   when they are using the cost of the trial and adding that into the cost of executing a convict,, there is  really something wrong.... the capture and trial are a seperate cost from the punishment... the judges, and prosecuters, and public defenders  salary is paid regardless if he has any cases to oversee or not... so those are given expenses... the  arrest, and trial are costs  that are going to occur  whether they are executed, or spend the rest of their lives  in prison......... so once past all of the necessary expenses.. then it comes down to  simply which is more expensive, to execute them, with a single 50 cent bullet, or air filled 13cent syringe.. or to feed, clothe, house, heat , cool, shower them for the rest of their lives... anyone who beliweves that killing them is more expensive , has  some serious math problems, and I would hate to see their  household budgets...


I was alsays against the death penalty! That is impossible to judge other people for  a death. Prison is OK, but killing people is immoral.



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