VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, March 29

Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 29, 2012


On this episode of Five Points with Emil and Andy, the reporters talk about medical marijuana, Trayvon Martin, and they answer some tough questions from our Facebook friends.


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Erie County Resident

After watching this paticular show I now understand why these two support so called "medical marijuana".

They couldn't act anymore like stoners than they do everytime they do this show.

I also give them props for helping the NAACP in keeping the racial hype going in Sandusky.


On a local level, have we forgotten that an afro-american man, shot and killed a white cop? On a national level, where was the media hype from the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome tortures? In Florida, isn't Zimmerman hispanic? Did the NAACP also address the black-on-black shootings that have occured in our city? You know, the ones where random shootings come within inches of small children in the security of their homes? How about all the ones where no one will talk to the police? I'm a firm believer that some people are just garbage and have nothing to contribute to society other than chaos, irregardless of their race. I also believe that these people deserve to be judged by a jury of their peers with evidence and not speculation, in regards to media reporting.

On another note, Andy, did your co-hart next to you get a speeding ticket, or a fine for driving down a closed road? The impression I got from his article referred to the fact he ignored the sign, but his reporting was vague. Which is it?  It may seem like a minor detail, but it goes to show you don't even read your own paper once again along with inconsistencies in your stories. If you did, Emil may have thought twice before he kicked it into gear and tried to get away with one. And you would not have referred to him getting a speeding ticket when it was for driving down a closed road. Maybe not so much in this case, but often times the smallest detail, omitted or printed, makes a difference. As our local media outlet, it would be professional to only report facts, not opinions, or what your own spin on how the story actually happened. 

Kottage Kat

From the comments about this "show" I am glad my sound board is not working, no U-tube and no Amos and Andy. God does work in mysterious ways.            Kat


Kottage, don't even bother fixing your sound board for these punks. The other day they were joking about Rush Limbaugh having a special needs child. They are both way too juvenile.


i am on my coffee break and have a few minutes to spare. a couple of weeks ago i asked a question about sandusky's CHIP program and the misuse or theft of millions of dollars. it was ignored but excuses were made. on the next show, andy did mention CHIP but never came back with a answer from the law director and some other person. i see now that the show will only take questions from facebook. how about us folks who refuse to have a facebook account. this show keeps changing the rules for questions. this show went from fair to much better and now went into the cr@pper. only a matter of time before this show will end. i am only being honest with my comments and opinions. get rid of that basketball hoop. it does nothing for the show. it reminds me of a to*let. now there is a idea. use a to*let for a prop. then throw questions or events into the porcelain recepticle with a flushing sound. it could be like the thumbs down in the print issue.   wow, some words are profane.  Your submission has triggered the profanity filter and will not be accepted until the inappropriate language is removed.

Doubt It

I agree with ECRes - these two seem like they're high, Emil is geeking out while Andy appears ready to contemplate the universe to some psychedelic music (did he have a headache?)... somewhat entertaining, though not very professional.  The Register should consider not posting these online, it makes the paper look like a joke.  If the aim is to be funny, they should talk about funny stories, not make a mockery of their journalism skills.  I'm sure there's a better approach to bringing comedic relief to some of the more depressing top stories, but this "show" needs to be reworked or discontinued.

Emil's police blotter stories are funny though - love the details!

Sarah Weber


No rules have changed. You're still welcome to post questions here, or you can send them to if you want to get them directly to Andy.  I'll ask him to get an update on the CHIP situation for next week's show.


short break and time for quick comment. thank you sarah for your reply and comments. humor is good for health and also good for entertainment. too much sad news in the world. humor is good. the printed version of thumbs up and thumbs down could be incorporated into the show. trumpets for thumbs up? toilet flushing sounds for thumbs down? just one idea for a better show.


All I have to say is that if you do not feel this show is up to your standards, then DO NOT WATCH IT!!

I enjoy the news sprinkled with some lighthearted fun. Some people have too much time on their hands  when they have nothing better to do than criticize in an anonymous forum.

Erie County Resident

RE: lillyjoyce2000,

Ok I'm curious as to where do you see any news here?

As far as lighthearted fun.... LMAO

These two make Beavis & B*tthead look like rocket scientist.

Erie County Resident



what a day. what a crappy day i had. i get no respect, no respect at all. 11 comments. i am impressed. to continue about including the thumbs up and thumbs down like in the printed version, i mentioned something like trumpets for thumbs up. anybody remember the theme music to masterpiece theater? the music was titled fanfare and it is the first wav file here.

Doubt It

Lil2000 - you're absolutely right, I tried out a few Emil and Andy clips and didn't like it.  I will not be watching anymore.  I really do think that these guys can do better though - this could be a good avenue to get thier articles read.  

Online forums are great, but you lose meaning and personality when reading someone's typed words.  I don't mean to be mean, it's all in good fun.  - Maddie Smith