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Mar 9, 2012


In this week's installment of Five Points with E&A, the reporters talk about Rush Limbaugh, the 9th Congressional District's sour grapes and abortion.



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I am happy to see Mr. Bananas is back.

swiss family

 it would be great to have a "5 guys burgers" outlet someplace local....I like the idea of a brewery,   the show keeps getting better,,, make sure though that you realize that your mics are still on during commercials....   we hear you..  as for what Rush said  ... isn't any woman that goes on PAID maternity leave , and knowing how the baby got there in the first place, so aren't these women onmaternity leave , getting paid  by their insurance companies , also  prostitutes????? I do not think so, but if you follow Rush's logic, they would be...great job guys....


Rush Limbaugh is a JOKE and a sudden embarrasment to the Republican party.  I cannot help but wonder if the man is back on drugs. 

His comments about women show just how off base this guy really is.  It shows he has very little common sense, is about as compassionate as a fruit fly and as ignorant as a school-less iditot.  In fact, some town must be on the look out for their village idiot. 

As sad as it seems, everyone who thought they should jump on the "Limbaugh" bandwagon years ago, is jumping ship quickly...sponsors, political friends and advocates alike.  But some too late to get away from the flack and fray.

Good luck, Rush.  No one is listening, and as in the past, it will be a short time before the air waves is free of your ignorant voice and stupid comments.  You dug your OWN grave, now go lay down. 


Did ANYONE expect Dennis (the menace) to not be upset by his lose?  Come now.!  The only thing missing from his Cleveland airport departure was a stomping of feet and a hands on hips sneer. 

His "little boy lost" comments weren't enough.  I expected, frankly, an "I DEMAND A RECOUNT" to be shouted from the rooftops of the Terminal tower. 

He waited long enough to give a concessionary speech, hoping his so called beloved Cleveland and surrounding area would bail him out and save him from losing to Marcy Kaptur.  It just didn't happen and he went away.....mad. 

Now he is grousing about "unfair ads."   Come on, Dennis, you had plenty negative one's yourself, so do not use  that old chestnut.  Back to Washington he flew.  All upset and mad. 

What is next for the man?  I expect to see what he can run for that he might win?  Maybe a shot at the Presidency in 2018?  Or maybe Governor try again?  Or maybe he will switch parties and try for another congressional seat?  Who knows.  With him, anything is possible. He may even move and try another state......heaven help them. 

Whatever he does, it will be interesting to see the outcome.  Dennis hates to lose. He HATES it.  And we have all seen it before. 

Dennis can sing, put on a there is an idea....maybe ENTERTAINER.  He would be GREAT to replace Billy Crystal at the Oscars.  Just give Dennis a mic, people  and .......

Kottage Kat

@ wiredmamma, As you frequently correct others about their spelling and grammer, this is just a friendly FYI. It is he is upset about his loss, because he did lose. Not meant to offend. 


Emil, you make my life better. Asking about the deformities of Limbaugh's children was classic. Still giggling! Great show fellas!



Weird thing about it all is everyone has went against limbaugh for saying stupid things, Why didnt anyone go after Bill Maher or that guy from MSNBC yet for calling people the same names? Oh yeah Shultz, I forgot hypocricy in action, Thanks for the reminder.

The Big Dog's back

 We can count on you ori to bring the right wing point of view.



Have a question for Emil and Andy? Post it below and catch the answer on the March 8 edition of Five Points.

Mar 02, 2012
09:26 AM Sarah Weber says@FruGalSpender      Please feel free to ask whatever question comes to mind.

Mar 04, 2012
08:42 AM FruGalSpender says my question is directed to andy the government reporter. what is going on with the federal investigation of the Community Housing Improvement Program? it seems that it has been years since the federal investigation began. has this been swept under the rug? out of sight and out of mind? what is taking so long? what excuses are the federal investigators giving for the lack of information? this investigation should have been completed years ago.

answers to questions ignored. "Have a question for Emil and Andy? Post it below and catch the answer on the March 8 edition of Five Points."     now it is "Watch the program in the player below and give us your opinion in the comments section"   opinions only, no questions are to be asked.





Simply amazed at the stupidity of the american sheeple. Hey brain dead Emil, do the research Rush has no kids. Laughing at childhood deformities, classy SR and their hirings. FYI Rush Limbaugh has raised 15 million for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and each year his donations alone are around 500,000 dollars. I suggest knowing the facts before opining should be required, but I'm sure glad 15 to 20 million people who listen to Limbaugh are nobody's. People should really research Fluke's press conference!!!


Note to Origen & Goofus:  Once again Rush has proven himself to be the misogynistic, hypocritical blowhard that most people know him to be. Anyone who would still side with this egomaniacal windbag has clearly marked themselves as a clueless shill for the Republican party.  

Maher is just as outspoken, but the difference is this:  while Democrats mostly agree with everything Maher says, at the end of the day, we know he is a comedian, and no one considers him to be The Spokesman for the Democratic Party. Limbaugh, on the other hand, has BECOME the Republican party, and his every word is seen as gospel by the typical 80-IQ dittohead that listens to his daily 3-hour drivel.

The fact that Origen and Goofus are willing to look the other way with even the most egregious things that Limbaugh does wrong (and these come on roughly a weekly basis) indicates that they are among the thought-challenged dittohead cattle that Rush counts on for support.  No surprise here that a higher % of Democrats are college-educated, compared with Republicans. Limbaugh's thoughts are so off base that Obama and millions of intelligent folks like myself pay him no mind.



 I dont excuse anyone, They all said it but you excuse Maher with the comedian bit and funny you didnt mention Shultz? Either way they all said things that were against women, Some are ok in your book and it points out your hypocrisy. The name calling and belittling has become the staple of the left, They cannot explain anything in a civil tone so they scream names and inuedos, That shows the rationality of the left.

The best thing about this whole mess is i havent heard what limbaugh said because i dont get XM or siruis and i dont listen to AM radio, So i could really care less, BUT i like to point out the hypocrisy that the left spews, Limbaugh this,Limbaugh that get a room, The left listens to him more than anyone i know and whines about it, Personally if a woman that goes to law school doesnt realize that Birth control is passed out at the health office based on wages (That means its free to students) I really do not think she will be all that good of a representive for people in court. (Crack heads have enough sense to go to the health dept for birth control and this "Law student doesnt?)


Coasterfan, then why the hit by the Obozo regime and the lamestream media

So the left is cool with calling someone a C***t but has a hard time with S***t

You funny man coasterfan

Perhaps you should listen to Maher

Sarah Weber
@FruGal Spender


Howdy. I don't think anyone realized that you left a message on last week's show posting. (I was out at Kalahari helping with the Readers Choice Awards, and the boys forgot to check.) I've emailed your question to Emil and Andy to answer on next week's show. In the meantime, if you have any additional thoughts — or questions — please post them here. I'll check the postings before the new show is recorded next week.


Thanks for watching!


Goofus - I'm glad you brought up the comment, or attempted joke, about child deformities. Is this acceptable journalism at the Register?


Fear, your welcome, these are two young punks that have no clear understanding of the real world.   One Question, if Fluke went broke paying 3,000 dollars for birth control and 2.8 miles away from the Jesuit Catholic Georgetown University is a Target store that sells birth control pills for $9 a month, where is she getting all the money for airfare from all the appearances she is making on State Run media?

origen Remy tells it like it is and it comes with a good beat.


Actually, Goofus, I DO listen to Maher; I'm a huge fan.  Unlike the GOP talking heads, he makes me laugh, and besides, I happen to agree with most of the things he says. I AM ok with a comedian using foul language. We expect comedians to do that.  We DON'T expect radio talk show hosts to stoop to foul language and ad hominem attacks, which is why people in every corner (everyone except you and Origen, I guess...) are lambasting Limbaugh. It's also the reason that his advertisers are lining up to leave. Nobody with a conscience wants to be associated with Rush. If you do, that tells us all we need to know about you.

Mom said to never argue with an idiot: he will pull you down to his level, and will always win because of experience. So, I can't believe I'm taking your bait and continuing this silly discussion, but here goes...

If anything, left-wing hosts (Stewart, Colbert, Franken, Maher, etc.) are known for using HUMOR and a civil tone to get their point across. Unlike your radio heros, mine don't yell. If they ranted and got red-faced like O'Reilly and Rush, we Democrats wouldn't watch them. And that really sums up the difference in our parties, doesn't it? The Democrats usually try to talk things out in a rational manner. The GOP yells, screams (and occasionally cries, in the case of Boehner) and tries to bully the other party in order to get what they want.

Seriously, does anyone believe Rush anymore? For TWENTY years, he's been saying "Because of [insert Democratic politician name], the country as we know it will come to an end".  Well, guess what. The country is still here, and doing fine, no thanks to Rush. Seriously, if the US survived George W. Bush, it will absolutely survive anything that Barack Obama will do.

In closing, dear Goofus, the reason that those of us on the left listen to Limbaugh are two-fold. #1 His rhetoric is so off-base that it's entertaining to listen to, and #2, there aren't ANY left-leaning political talk shows on public radio.  For every rightwing Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck on the air, on the Left we have .....nobody. So, tell me again about how the mainstream media leans to the left. Those of us ON the left see only proof to the contrary....



 "For every rightwing Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck on the air, on the Left we have .....nobody. So, tell me again about how the mainstream media leans to the left. Those of us ON the left see only proof to the contrary...." Guess entire channels such as MSNBC or ABC dont count huh? You either have to be blind or just rampantly stupid to believe what you posted. Sorta weird Air America went under with all the political hacks on the left listening to some drug addled Rush Limbaugh show? Maybe just maybe Those on the left could use a little bit of common sense and quit getting thier opinions spoon fed to them by comedians and actually look at the policys. The sad truth of it is the left hides behind comedy to say vile things about people and jump at the first opportunity at anyone who isnt for thier agenda who says almost the same thing. The fact is this Rush is a drug addled idiot who said vile things about a woman, The same can be said for the "Comedians" on the left. The difference here is people protecting these vile people who downgrade women from a soapbox. In other words THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS!!! To excuse thier behavior is to approve of it which makes those excuse mills just as culpable for the actual person who said it. Showing hypocrisy and degrading people for the sake of a ideology shows the true integrity of the ideology in the first place, If you cannot make a factual point supporting your ideology it is failed and all the name calling and excuses will not change that fact, It will only bring to light the true feelings of those excusing it, Ideology before people. Ed shultz Left wing hack calling the same name as Rush The rest of them, Trying to excuse them shows exactly the hypocrisy in todays society.


I can see were the raging success of Al Franken and Air America and Jerry Springer, oops wait a minute they were flops, epic fails. Could the demise of left wing moonbat talk radio be the result of nobody was listening? Don't worry you still have the left wing talk shows of ABC,NBC,CBS,MEDIA MATTERS.CNN,MSNBC and on and on. 

So because he is entertaining a moonbat can say the C word, but wait you said Rush was entertaining so he can use the S word. It's amazing how Bill Cosby and Red Skelton made people laugh for years without swearing. I'm sorry I reread your post, so using the C word is CIVIL in your book. Hmmmm!

Did you know Rush replaced all his advertisers, he even told the ones begging to re-up to go pound salt.  Clue, don't ever worry about Rush , 20 million listeners is just begging any advertiser to try to get air time!

Radio is all about ratings, you're only as good as your last arbitron book!!!!





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Erie County Resident

1st time watching this so called show by these two. Glad I haven't wasted my time watching it before.

They should rename this garbage show "The Liberal Obama Girls Cheerleading Sqaud".

You two act like a couple of gigling little school girls instead of professional journalist.

Must be the modern day Sandusky version of  "Beavis & B*tthead"


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