VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, Feb. 17

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 17, 2012


This week on Five Points with Emil and Andy, the reporters talk about public comment at city commission, who should get a Grammy and they host guest reporter Melissa Topey.

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Truth or Dare

  How bout inviting Ron Paul to speak?  He just may show up, and I believe will be a write-in candidate of many.  After all, just incase you're not aware, he's receiving big support from Iraq/Afghanistan War Veterans,  as well those still serving in the Middle East.  .   Are you aware there will be a March in D.C. this Monday, on President's Day, conducted by our Military men and women?    Dig into how these that serve on the warfront feel regarding Election 2012.  You spoke of sedition?  Their plans at this march, allbeit a planned PEACEFUL march, could be construed as such.    


I am not at all sure I agree with their ideas about their ideas on the trial in Michigan, however, they have every right to their opinions. 

I DO, however, agree completely with what they have to say with the problems about the Sandusky City Commissioner, Diedra Cole.  Ms Cole did, as stated, commit political suicide and really owes the entire city of Sandusky a HUGE apology for her actions, not that it will help.  She really should go.  The Commissioners need to understand that they represent the PEOPLE and need to do so in PUBLIC and answer questions. Failure to answer questions at the time things are going on is unacceptable. 

I do NOT agree with the gentleman who asked for reports about Andy Dunn.  There is a trial coming up and those documents are going to be part of a trial.  They should not be released to anyone at this point.  Sorry, but anything that has to do with an upcoming trial is not public documentation open to others.  After the trial, it should be. 



"How bout inviting Ron Paul to speak? He just may show up, and I believe will be a write-in candidate of many."  sounds like a winning idea for the register since lame stream news blocked ron paul from any media exposure. unfortunately only registered republicans can write in paul's name on a ballot, something that registered democrats or independants cannot do.


hey taxpayer, you have been invited to send in your comments by emil and andy. the invitation is near the end of the video. go for it taxpayer.

Truth or Dare

Hey Frug;  I know that Frugal,  and thanks for the reminder.  However, it is possible for others to switch parties, depending upon which state you live in.  Watched an explanation of just how to go about it.    

swiss family

 I love this show... BUT   the producer needs to watch some of the big channel  news shows.. if they were to put a temporary  reporter in for a segment, she would have been places off to one side.. she would have been allowed to give her report, then when she was done, the shot woould have reduced down to the two main reporters, and she would have disappeared..  whath this again.. she gives her report,   says "UHM" about 1000 times,  then when done sits there like a deer in the headlights, so uncomfortable... emil and andy even go so far as to look over her and around her to have a conversation.. it made for good comedy.. but iot was awkward.. in my opinion..

Jason Werling

Thanks Swiss Family, glad you love the show. We will work your suggestions into our upcoming shows. We are improving every week. Check out one of our first shows to see how we are progressing...