VIDEO: Five Points with Emil and Andy, Feb. 2

Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 2, 2012


This week on Five Points, Emil and Andy talk about Groundhog Day, global warming and public records.

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I would love to see a public records discussion on In Between the Lines with an expert on this subject.  I think requesting public records is a big joke.  First you request and wait for a response.  No response.  Second request  goes out and still no response, hoping the requester will forget about what he requested in the first place.  Third time, you request and there is a response but the government makes you wait while they gather the records so they can be  released hoping you will give up trying to obtain the public record.   It is obvious that governments play games with public records.  Some day someone is going to drop a lawsuit for noncompliance of  public records and the Sunshine Law and until that happens government will continue to play their games.  

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 I enjoy the show... BUT  when people off camera are talking to you guys,  it is nearly impossible to understand or hear what they are saying.. I like that they ask questions and spur on the conves=rsation., but it is like listening to someone talk on the phone, where you only hear half of the conversation...