VIDEO: Five Point with Emil and Andy, Jan. 12

Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 12, 2012


This week on Five Points with Emil and Andy, the guys talk about violent crime in the city, whether or not men and women can be friends and what award they would most like to get. They also do a rapid-fire session answering reader questions.


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emil, what's with the hat? andy needs a hat too. the great white north?


With a 900 lb. gorilla in the room  I'm thinking , I am going to need one hell of a pooper scooper !!! ; )


On an unrelated subject ; why is the Obama / Cordray article not on the top comments list ? Seems like it is still a pretty hot topic .


Bluto, page seven has the story!


This was NOT a "shooting." In normal newspaper parlance, a shooting means someone was shot.

It was gunshots, and apparently a gunfight.

Thanks,  Register, and Emil and Andy especially, for overblowing this event and framing it as the decline of Sandusky. I suppose prematurely speculating this to ba a drug incident adds to the marketabilty of the story. So what if Sandusky suffers from unjustified image blot? At least the SR will sell six or seven more papers!