Black community consuming itself

Aug 11, 2014

Despair and outrage grows more contagious by the minute in Ferguson, Mo., a suburb outside St. Louis, where police shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown.

Witnesses have said Brown was walking with a friend when an officer in a car told them to get out of the street. As they continued to walk the officer exited his vehicle and fired a shot, prompting the two youths to run. When the second shot fired by the officer hit Brown he stopped and turned with his hands up, at which point the officer continued to approach with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots into the 18-year-old.


"He shot again and once my friend felt that shot he turned around and he put his hands in the air and he started to get down, but the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and he fired several more shots." — Dorian Johnson (witness)


Residents of the St. Louis suburb took to the streets having a vigil for the slain teen that evolved into demonstrations followed by rioting. Rioters damaged buildings and vehicles and looted  area businesses, resulting in over a dozen arrests. Police report that their helicopter and officers have been fired upon throughout the night but state that none were hit by the gunfire nor injured during the rioting.

Rioting following police on minority violence is nothing new in the United States.

Protesters rioted in Albuquerque in March following a police shooting injuring one officer and destroying property during the riot. Police shooting Latinos several times this year finally sparked rioting in Salinas Calif., this past May.

History shows that tension between police departments and minority communities are not a rare occurrence. From the Watts riot of 1965, to the Detroit riot of 1967, to the more recent Las Angeles riot of 1992 and Cincinnati riot of 2001, minorities have exercised their frustrations with law enforcement through rioting and looting.

For what? What has it accomplished? Can we honestly say that much has changed since we are witnessing history repeat itself still in 2014?

Truth is rioting and looting has only succeeded in releasing little tension and destroying the very communities in which we live.

A quick review of the history of civilization will show that the only force of nature that has brought about change in nations where people were being oppressed has been revolt.

The Haitian Revolution in 1791, Iranian Revolution in 1978, Cuban Revolution in 1952, Chinese Revolution from 1911-1949, and American Revolution are just a few examples.

How much would they have achieved by simply destroying their own communities?

Truth is any government or population comfortably in control of what is perceived to be a less powerful population is only going to re-evaluate their strategy and possibly relinquish that control if they themselves are accumulating damage.

To them atrocity is not measured by the loss of small businesses burnt to the ground. To them the definition of horrible acts are not the loss of oppressed lives. To them an unrelenting force is not a force that only violently consumes itself.

If a group of slaves were to destroy their slave quarters the master would not be in a panic, he would not gather his family and flee the plantation because he himself had not been targeted by the revolt. The respect and fear a slave has for his master will still be intact.

The slaves are just frustrated, they simply needed to blow off steam. He will let them calm down, exert a show of force, make an example out of a chosen few, tighten security for the time being and resume business as usual.

We as black people in the United States of America are fed up, we are frustrated, we are angry, and we are numerous. What we are not is organized. What we are not is united. What we are not is targeting our oppressors. By protesting and rioting we are not taking the necessary steps to ensure that we are respected as equal.

We are not obligated to shed blood and take what is theirs. We are obligated to exercise our natural right to make it clear the price will always be bloodshed for them to take what is ours.



You didn't mention the witness statements that talk of the struggle between the officer and youths. Where they pushed him back into the car and possibly were trying to take his service weapon? There are more witness statements than just the one you provided.


Sometimes the cops get it right. If the SR report is accurate, here in Sandusky, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, a black man and convicted felon who was apparently pulling a gun on the cops DIDN'T get shot, and will live tell about. Haven't seen a follow-up on this story. How about it, SR?


There are always two sides to every story and you are not reporting all of the facts....

Dr. Information

Nice one sided piece of garbage article produced by the Sandumpy Register.

Let's riot and destroy people's home and businesses that had nothing to do with this?

Different breed of people we are talking about here. Incompetent savages.


An incompetent savage is one that runs over and kills his competition on a race track, or ones that beat each other's brains out on the hockey rink floor or cusses out the tennis match judge or brawl on the baseball diamond or throw bananas at minority players during a soccer match. I could go on but you get my point. Funny thing is the behaviors I just mentioned are somewhat acceptable. SAD!!!!!!!
I agree with Mr. Newell, don't destroy your own community, there are better ways to address the issue. All of you suburban zombies can deny it is a problem but until you experience or been witness to it your opinions are totally worthless.


Or punch your pregnant wife into unconsciousness (Ray Rice). Pay a hitman to kill you pregnant fiance (Ray Carruth). Stab a man in cold blood (Ray Lewis). Kill your ex wife & boyfriend (OJ). Shall I go on and on and on ?


... or murder your wife/husband for insurance money or do a mafia hit just because....Jimmy Hoffa... or kill your ex in law over their child. Criminals come in all colors but this kid was not a criminal.

Go on all you want but I bet I can match you!


Did you personally know him ? How do you know he wasn't a criminal ? Just because you don't get caught committing a criminal act does not exhonerate one from being a criminal. Match me all you want. The black race is its own worst enemy, the end.


You must be a criminal also then. How do I know you are not? Maybe we are our worst enemy but that does not warrant death!


It did in this case. Shoulda got on the sidewalk like he was told to do in the first place and nothing would have happened. Now he's 6 ft under. Hard lesson to learn but it was learned.


No it didn't. The rioting and looting was not warranted either. The cop should have minded his business. You don't get killed just for walking!


In this case you do...+1 for the 5-0

The Big Dog's back

Trayvon Martin got murdered just for walking.

getit right be4...

Don't leave out attacking a man and bashing his head against the sidewalk.

So easy to leave out the little things.


Or a brick to the head of an innocent man driving a truck (Reginald Denny).

getit right be4...

Or the man that saved Reginald Denny Titus Murphy. Whats your point?


Dog... Why do you keep on posting ?

Preston's boots need to be licked.


Please come up with a person that is caucasian example.


I did a little research. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports from 2000 to 2004, police-involved “justifiable homicides” kill about 350 people a year, 99 percent by shooting. Virtually all police-involved killings, most for good reason, are categorized as justifiable. Of those killed by police, 32 percent are black and 64 percent are white. While the percentage of blacks killed is high compared with the black percentage in America (13%), it is low compared with other indicators of violence, such as the percentage of homicide victims and offenders believed to be African American (both 48%).

Perhaps it is more useful to compare police-involved shootings with those killed by non-police officers. Among “justifiable homicides” by regular citizens—about 210 a year—African-Americans are 40 percent of those who kill and 56 percent of those killed. Compared with these numbers, police seem restrained in their use of force toward the black community.


It's useful for you because you want to change the narrative and spew your noise. This is about police brutality. Got it? Now PAY ATTENTION!


this coming from the king of deflection

TKeegan73's picture

Your definitions are way too self opinionated Deercracker to be considered unbiased. You said an incompetent savage is one that runs over and kills his competition on a racetrack, hmmmm, hard to be competition when they are already out of the race. Hard to point blame when he didn't get hit with the front of the vehicle but only the right rear tire of it, that proves the ignorance of the fool running around on a racetrack waving his fist in displeasure and pointing his finger and nearly getting run down by a different car before he backed out of the way. Plain and simple analogy, stay in your race car and don't play in traffic where the driver has limited visibility. As for the story at hand you are basing an opinion off one sided stories and not the whole story. Pretty simple to point blame at one when you don't have the whole story, and sometimes the whole story is never given because it's only the one dead that knows exactly what was said or what actions were taken. What you have, and usually have on most stories, is a one sided argument and not even really an opinion. You dig and point fingers but yet there are never any facts said to support half of what you say,just your opinion........just call it like I see it...smh


You need to look closer so you can see better. Opinions are neither right or wrong. Just opinions! So, because he did not hit the guy with his front tire all s okay right? You need to watch the video closer but I do agree the guy should have stayed in his car. I guess the crowd got what they paid for.

This LE behavior is nothing new. Wake up. Until people like you or your loved ones become a victim you will only see what you want thru those rose colored glasses. I suspect your opinion won't change even if the proof you desire is presented to you. Stay tuned!


And guess who you'll be calling if another person of color does YOU wrong ? Yep, YOU guessed it ! The cops ! YOU are what is wrong with your kind and YOU are what hold YOUR kind back ! People just like YOU ! WEH WEH WEH WEH ! If YOU don't like it move to another South Africa for instance...then YOU'LL see just how great YOUR kind has it in the good Ol' USA ! Catered to and given handouts for nothing but bringing this country down and increasing tax amounts of hardworking people to support YOUR kind ! Nothing to see here citizen...move along ! By the way I never did get my fries with my happy meal deercracker ! Do I need to call YOUR shift manager ?


You know nothing about me or Blacks. Stick to your porn! You are simply trying to anger me with your stupid posts! Nice try wrong guy!


Good...Got it ? NOW PAY ATTENTION !

From the Grave

Kill, kill, kill...the white man.


Human beings do not deserve broad brush strokes. Each man is to prove himself. Dangerous business when we start defining people as groups. Black, white, democrat, republican, tea party, occupy wallstreet. These are groups made up of individual people. Each person is to prove himself. Stereotypes suck. Period. Judge a man on his CHARACTER and ACTIONS not on the group. This is how racism, genocide, targeting, and harassment occurs. And it never ends well. With that said, these looters happen to be black but that is not why they are looting. They are looting because they are looters. Period.


Yes, there's two sides to every story but no one is disputing the fact that the dead kid was UNARMED when he was killed. No one has stated that anyone other than the cop was armed. I can tell you from personal experience that the police do SOMETIMES mistreat minorities. I disagree that these are a "different breed of people". The kid was getting ready to attend college. What is so different about that? There is a misperception that ALL Black people are criminals or thugs or gangbangers. These ridiculous stereotypes usually start in the home. Your homes. It is a shame when in 2014 you still have to have the "talk" with your kids. Not that talk, the survival lecture.
This type of LE behavior is nothing new but all minorities are REALLY tired of it. How much longer do you think we should put up with it? Would you?

getit right be4...

One does not need to be armed to be a threat to life.

I would like to see much more evidence before I jump to conclusions.