Racist is as racist does

Jan 30, 2014
One day after the national day of remembrance and celebration dedicated to the life and sacrifice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Arizona State University chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon threw an MLK Day party in which the theme was dressing and acting black.

They didn’t dress up as Medgar Evers, Stokley Carmichael, Cornel West, Barack Obama or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They didn’t conduct themselves to reflect a race of people, who through peaceful protest and intellect, forced a racist nation to acknowledge their human right to dignity. To equality.

That would be an accurate depiction of the majority of black America.

The college students decided for that day they would combine all the negative stereotypes of black Americans into a derogatory caricature and act like ignoramuses in disdain of Dr. King.

The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity posted party photos on Instagram wearing oversized basketball jerseys, bandanas, sagging pants, flashing gang signs, drinking out of watermelons with bananas tucked into their waistlines. They were even wretched enough to accompany the party photos with hashtags such as #hood, #ihaveadream, and #blackoutformlk.

The ASU-TKE chapter was recently reinstated as a fraternity after being suspended for a debacle involving more than a dozen TKE frat members assaulting members of rival fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon in November of 2012.

ASU responded to TKE’s MLK Black Party by immediately suspending the chapter’s operations and promising “additional action against the individuals involved” because at the time of the party TKE was on social probation and prohibited from having parties.

Three days later, ASU followed through with its vow to punish this wrong by abolishing the TKE chapter’s recognition as a fraternity on the ASU campus and is continuing to investigate individual TKE members and other students who attended the party.

The university is not alone in distancing themselves from the actions of a deplorable few. The Tau Kappa Epsilon International fraternity apologized for the actions of its chapter, stating: “TKE does not condone or support any actions by its members that would be defined as racist, discriminatory and/or offensive.

Social events with “party themes” that are defined as such have no place in our fraternity’s mission or purpose. It is with embarrassment and regret when a few individuals within our organization make decisions that do not align with the values and principles of TKE”

TKE, established in 1899, is one of the largest college social fraternities in the world, with chapters in almost 300 campuses in North America and more than 265,000 members, most of whom are not racist and a considerable number are black.

What might a national response be if a predominantly black college fraternity threw a JFK Day white party with members and attendants wearing bibbed overalls, drinking Natural Light, flaunting counterfeit crystal meth, and sporting temporary tattoo swastikas?

Would there be more of a public outcry if the hashtags read #redneck, #whiteoutforjfk and #asknotwhatyourcountrycandoforyou?

This could very well incite a renewal of racial tension in America or it can serve as a reminder that an ignorant minority of us still cling to racial sentiments toward men, women, everyone. Where the aftermath of this event takes us is totally up to us.

ASU and TKE both stood steadfast in disapproval of the chapter’s actions, ASU answering with quick permanent decisive action and TKE issuing a humble apology for its chapter clarifying in no way do the decisions of an ill-advised few reflect the understanding of the whole.

The ASU-TKE chapter does not represent anyone other than itself and the ignorance should disgrace the members who participated and those members alone. Much more can be said of the ASU-TKE chapter, but why? It has succeeded in making itself irrelevant. Our neighbors are still our neighbors and our friends are still our friends despite ethnicity and/or sexual preference. The majority of us do not share the ASU-TKE chapter’s view of our fellow man and we have to be aware of and secure in that fact. As a people we cannot allow hatred to sabotage peace and progress.



There is no black starz. You went out of your way to look up the black shopping network which sells for one thing black haircare product's. Isn't that ironic. And as far as Hbcu colleges look them up since you love to look up things for ammunition and see that there is a nice percentage of whites. Its funny how you bring up al who has done more for whites than race cowards on here have done. And as far as race baiter in cheif you false news talking point can't think for yourself cowards kill me.


Wrong, the channel is actually called Starz in Black, I have it on Time Warner. Good channel, but must of my favorite actors are black.


BET is white owned. What is so wrong with Blacks wanting to see programs that interest them and identifies with Black culture? There are some great actors, actresses, and entertainers of all colors.


Nothing is wrong with it, and I agree, my top 3 favorite actors are all black.


BigSexy: I don't condone the dumb movies the Wayans brothers make - they are equally racially insensitive as the white Arizona kids who had a Black Party. But when the Wayans dress up in whiteface, it's not going to be seen the same way as when white kids have a racially-tinged Black Party. And here's why: there is no history of whites having black people as slaves in America for 300 years. Also, blacks continue to bear the brunt of racism today, and they are simply responding the same way you and I would if we were in their shoes.

You're missing another key, important point. The TV networks you mentioned are marketed towards one audience - they don't actively seek to attack, exclude or lampoon people not in that target audience (i.e. whites). I'm free to watch BET and the others if I wish. BET is no more racist than Tennis Channel is to people who don't like to watch tennis. And that is entirely different from holding a party that actively seeks to make fun of another racial group. Of course, since you're apparently a card-carrying white supremacist, I wouldn't expect you to notice the difference.




The comments on this board and the comments on the councilman's stories are appalling. They display a ubiquitous racial undertone that exists in this area of the country.

It also exemplified people's cowardice. There is no way that "you must be.." or "lissa" would make these comments in public in front of a black person. You people hide behind your screens, you should be embarrassed.


I agree, Reggie. Why is it that racist people are the last to realize just how racist they are?




Great article. The Register takes aim at the cops while giving a wonderful convicted felon his 15 minute's of fame. The big racist in this town is code named THE EDITOR.
Quality news print right here in Sandusky.


Errrr.... ummm... stereotypes are based off of some sort of reality... they might not have been dressing like the prominent members of black history, but they were dressing in the fashion design of population black culture today... I guess the writer doesn't watch much MTV or bet... I think little Wayne, two chains and you jeezy would take offence by the writers comments against their chosen garb...

You are absolutely correct, racist is as racist does, but let's not forget that all races are capable of racisim. For instance, I think its racist when scholarships are granted to and only to people of specific ethnic backgrounds.... Asians, native Americans and African american restricted scholarships is just as racist and exclusionary any anything I've ever heard of... justgonna throw that one out there.

There you go again

Obama "If I had a son he'd look like......these kids."
Hey, Obama said it, not me.


Re: "ASU followed through with its vow to punish this wrong by abolishing the TKE chapter’s recognition as a fraternity on the ASU campus,"

"You have not converted a man because you have silenced him."

- John Morley

And the discussion goes from here where?


Who has been silenced?


Contango, your comment went over Deerie's head. You can't expect him to follow your subtlety.


Chris Newsome & Channon Christian forgotten Damon? That too was racist & wrong. Hate knows no colour.


Is having an specific dance for blacks at Sandusky High a form of racism?




Spoke with a nationlized Afrikaner the other day that praised and had voted for Nelson Mandela.

Yet in order to get away from South Africa’s form of 'affirmative action', he moved to the U.S. so that his son & daughter could attend medical school.

All his siblings have also left and live in Australia, NZ & Namibia.


No! Whites are not excluded!


And blacks belong to this fraternity so this event wasn't racist. Just using the same logic.


That's not logic, it is an attempt to justify inappropriate behavior.


Sort of like the one- sided logic to excuse the behavior of those arrested at those apartments ( don't recall the name ) several months ago?



Not justifying the behavior. Just confirming your double standard of racism that influences your comments.


I would say those kids need their a$$e$ kicked. I would also like to say that the MAJORITY of the blacks I see around town, look a lot more like Little Wayne than Obama! I see more underwear walking through the mall than a Calvin Klein underwear model does at a underwear shoot. The bananas and watermelon is just stupid, just another absurd stereotype. I'm white as snow and I LOVE watermelon! I also have a slight addiction to Lee's Famous Recipe.


Where do you hang out? I have no problem with Lil Wayne or his appearance. You may want to learn about him as a man.


Read the article Tard. They didn’t dress up as Medgar Evers, Stokley Carmichael, Cornel West, Barack Obama or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That would be an accurate depiction of the MAJORITY of black America. Where did I say I had a problem with Little Wayne? I happen to like Little Wayne's music, i don't like seeing guys a$$e$ every time I turn around! Black a$$, white a$$, brown a$$, yellow a$$, if it has balls under it, I don't wanna see it!


Your statement about most BLACKS looking more like Lil Wayne is a lie. I don't even listen to his music but it is not uncommon for young people to copy someone they admire. It is very easy to ignore things you don't want to see.


lil wayne? Isnt that the same moron that wiped his butt with the American flag? Oh yeah hes a real good example.lol


The flag represents different things to different people and he did not do what you claim.


He kissed a dude on stage, and wears chick clothes. You're dam right it does