Racist email reflects us

Jan 10, 2014
Norwalk city councilman Bob Carleton forwarded a racially inflammatory email to city officials and friends Dec. 12.

His defense: He did not see the email as offensive, rather he considered it a harmless joke.

Carleton’s claim that he was ignorant to the racially volatile nature of his now infamous correspondence seems impossible to believe.

Carleton, a city councilman with almost two decades of service, a man who claims to have friends of every race, a man who would have been in his mid-20s during the height of the civil rights movement, accidentally confusing an obvious insult targeting varying ethnicities as simple humor?

Is it possible that Carleton’s plea of ignorance due to the absence of malice in his foolish attempt to share what he considered to be funny is actually valid?

Let us back away from the picture frame, expand our view to include the wall.

Carleton is only a reflection of our society that morally progressed by passing legislation to overturn segregation while allowing the plateauing of our racial mindset as if we apologized and did not mean it.

Similar to the big brother who lets the little brother hit him back so he’ll stop crying and threatening to tell, Brown v. Board of Education, Gates v. Collier, affirmative action, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975 brought an end to the civil rights movement before it turned the U.S. into a violent multicultural merger that would have become a true melting pot.

Racism is dead, so they say. But, if you say American you mean white. Any color to your skin and you become hyphenated. Why is that? Why must there be an African-American or a Hispanic-American? Why aren’t the majority known as European-AmericThere is racism in America and it will be there as long as there are different ethnicities. If there was no racism here there would only be one race, human.

Part of what fuels humans to separate humans from other humans is our natural instinct to compete. We were designed for competition, competing for everything from natural resources and regional food supplies, to mates.

Though not many of us live off the land anymore and there are plenty of resources, food, and mates to go around, our urge to separate ourselves from others burns deep. Due to the evolution of civilization, most raw materials and other necessities are acquired through commerce transforming this urge from a primal instinct to a God-given right to conquer, seize and oppress.

This right has led to an unofficial class system that encompasses the world. In every civilized nation on Earth the population has somehow divided itself into at least two classes, the more powerful of which assumes the role of privilege and oppressing the meek into poverty.

Any doubt of this can easily be refuted by taking a look at the world we live in. The caste systems of India and Africa, the position of the Burakumin in Japan, Apartheid in South Africa and the Casta system in Latin America are just a few examples.

Matter of fact, it will be difficult to name a nation on this planet not composed, of at least two classes, of haves and have-nots.

Is there racism in America, yes — and the evidence is our unofficial social class system being stronger than ever today, surviving since European settlers won the first violent scrimmages against Native Americans.

Is Bob Carleton racist? Yes. Does Carleton know he is racist? Yes.

He didn’t share his joke with one of his many black friends.

Is it Carleton’s intention to be racist? No, and that makes crucifying Carleton a waste of wood and stakes.

I’m not saying we should spare Carleton the fallout of his actions. I’m saying he is a product built by the same machine that built us, our children and our grandchildren.

We as a people need to change and show some empathy for our fellow man.

There is a quote that caught my attention recently that is appropriate.

“To cheapen the lives of any group of men, cheapens the lives of all men, even our own” ›— William Pickens, civil rights activist



Re: "Explain the "lowest common denominator" comment."

Rather simple, uninformed people, are the lowest common denominator... Next objection. Or are you saying mainly well informed people voted both in? Many uninformed people vote along with people who only vote party. Both are lowest common denominators. Those are the easiest groups of people to get votes from, and why advertising budget gets voters. Does that simplify it enough for you to understand derpy?


How do you know who was uninformed? Do you analyze voter's intellect after each election? Are you suggesting that the masses are uninformed because they did not vote the way YOU did? Maybe just maybe it is you that is uninformed and part of the "lowest common denominator"!


Re: "How do you know who was uninformed?"

As far as you are concerned, I have read your posts on here derpy. That shows it clearly.


"false sense of superiority" is spot on




Mr. Newell: How about empathy for our fellow woman? I found the email offensive because it was sexist. However, I do agree with you that Carleton is also a racist.

The irony for me is he was trying to portray black women as ignorant and he only succeeded in portraying himself as ignorant

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the unsilent ma...

Whats funny is people like dave chappelle and chris rock have made a pretty good living telling these same jokes. Is that ok because they are black themselves? You're 100 percent right about one thing, racism in america will never end. Not because of all these evil white people but a good number of blacks who are just as bad as racist white people. Its a two way street but no other ethnicities seem to think their dislike of the white devil is Indeed racism also. By now im sure someone is saying "man this guy is racist" and maybe I am. In a world where somehow is offensive to be proud of being white I am not afraid to declare im a proud white american. Once upon a time I was in a band. We had a black drummer. We could slam eachother with the absolute worst racist jokes we could think of. Neither of us was ever offended because we knew neither of us told the joke with cruelty or malice in our hearts. Generally we had some pretty good laughs. In a weird way those terrible jokes helped us understand some of the reasons behind the way whites and blacks feel about each other. I considered him a friend. I can take a joke. Even if its degrading joke ment to hurt my feelings I can laugh because at the end of the day I sleep well knowing that I treat people with the same respect they give. If I seem like I dont like you, then you can be certain you probably did something to earn my negative feelings


" Not because of all these evil white people but a good number of blacks who are just as bad as racist white people".....

Don't you think that might have something to do with the hot boxes their ancestors were thrown into? The freedoms that were stripped from them? The fire hoses they took to their bare skin? And the never-ending cycle of poverty and doom their history has created for part of their population (i.e. West Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia) ???

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the unsilent ma...

Ok I understand there was alot of mistreatment of blacks. Let.me ask you though, when was the last time you were thrown in the hot box or whipped with a hose? However lets be honest here, a white man at one point stood up and ended slavery. A population that the majority is for the time is still white, elected a black president. So I think the time has come for the white people are holding us down mentality to ease up a bit.


Lincoln really only ended slavery to achieve his goal of keeping the Union together. The white guy that so called ended slavery was not one of the 600,000 that died in the quest to end slavery. However it was a white man that killed Lincoln because.........?


Well put Damon. Finally, we hear from someone who can actually put this in perspective.

The people on this board and on the original article's board have used appalling language. Many are reprehensibly coming to this idiot's defense. It is reflecting a frightening yet deep-rooted malice for African-Americans that exists in this area. That's right — malice. Councilman claims his words were void of malice. Ha! Just like you've never used the 'N' word, right councilman?

Raoul Duke

Damon, that email just wasn't funny regardless. But to me, the person in the email is so extreme that it's more about that, than their race. I hear plenty of totally white people who I can't understand a word they are saying too. Plenty.


Humor. It is a difficult concept. It is not logical.


Re: "A convicted felon who has served prison time,"

@ Mr. Newell:

Could the SR possibly be accused of racism for placing the above in your description?

"An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind." - Mahatma Gandhi


Referring to someone accurately is not racist. There are many convicted felons of all colors that better themselves.


Re: "Referring to someone accurately is not racist."

Per usual, the point went over your head.

The question is: Is he being unfairly singled out by the SR due to his race?

Mr. Newell may want to contact the EEOC. There may potentially be grounds for a lawsuit.



What point pooh? Your point? How is Damon being singled out? He is simply commenting about the actual so called joke. How is the SR at fault here? I hate to break it to you.......well, not really.... but you do not know everything.


Re: "Your point?"

My apologies for thinking that you possibly had even one functioning brain cell.

See the tagline at the bottom of the above op-ed piece Bambie?

"Damon Newell is a pressman at the Register and a contributor at sanduskyregister.com. A convicted felon who has served prison time,"

Why is that last sentence even mentioned?

Does the SR list any past 'legal entanglements' of their other reporters and bloggers or only the black ones?


Maybe there's different requirements of full disclosure. He's not a journalist.


I read some time ago that about the only ethnic group one could ridicule without fear of retribution are the Hittites who are extinct.

Can you imagine the howls of laughter in the telling a joke with an opening line that begins with: Three Hittites go into a bar?


Racism exists as those who are supposedly discriminated against fuel the fires. Ie "African American"? Do you see people claiming to be German American or Italian American or Mexican American etc? We are American's, period!


Where do you come from where you don't see people calling themselves Italian amaricans. You get on here all the time and make racist jokes but that's doesn't fuel the fire. You racist are so confused.


Very confused and uninformed!


Really? Never saw any of our previous presidents stand in front of our country and say "being a German American" I .......... President Obama has on many occasions referred to himself as "African American"

Believe what you will. BTW please repost one thing that I said that was racist.


He is an African American. His father is Kenyan and his mother is American. DUH! Just because HE refers to himself in a certain way does not mean black people insist on being called the same. You do not know all you think you know about black people or the way they feel about who they are so stick to what you know which seems to be very little. Not my fault!


Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Oprah, Obama's all to themselves as African Americans and all promote racism.

The Big Dog's back

rush, glenn, sarah, are all WASPS and all promote racism.


+1 but to bad mike can't see that.


Embrace being an American , oh, I mean North American ,Oh ,United States of American American .oops I mean Native American, Irish American, Russian American, Korean American , Go back to your Ancestral homelands, you are considered an American, lets all embrace this as who we are as a group. Many jokes suck.