Fracking film draws critique in Erie

Aug 2, 2013


This week on Public Herald, writers posted an editorial bringing attention to fracking in Erie, Pa., and journalists Melissa Troutman and Joshua Pribanic's documentary, "Triple Divide," which the Erie Art Museum brought in for a showing.

The investigative report on fracking and its effects also got the attention of the Erie newspaper, which ran an editorial the next day questioning whether the practice could be beneficial for the city.

For the reaction from the Public Herald journalists and more about the documentary, click HERE.



Can we buy a copy of this dvd anywhere? I would like to watch it. I see they are having a showing at the Huron Library tomorrow, but I can't make it then.


You can donate for a copy of the DVD here: — there's also the option to download an HD digital file: (the download option appears when the rental period begins, but it's an 8GB file, so it takes a while)

We had around half a dozen Benedictine Sisters who came to the sold out Erie screening — they all loved Triple Divide. Here's one of their editorials that appeared in the Erie-Times in response to the "Can Erie Gain from fracking..." piece that ran the day after the screening:

There's also this op-ed from a Canadian who happened to be at the show:



Thank you for that information, jbpribanic.