Ward off witchcraft with Elecampane

Jul 5, 2013


This week on master herbalist Mary Colvin's Herbal Collections blog, she delves into the history of Elecampane, an Old World herb once used as part of  nine ingredients in the formula to protect against witchcraft.

"Being an Old World medicinal herb, there are many traditions, legends, folklore uses, and rituals that surround Elecampane. This plant was very sacred to the Celtic Druids, and according to legend, it was named Elfwort and Elfdock specifically for its association with the Elves and the fairy kingdom."

For more on its history and uses as a respiratory aid, to remove mucus, helping heart troubles and soothing arthritis pain, click HERE.



What mix can we use to ward off thieving politicians and lobbyists?

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The Hero Zone

Blues: There is such a cure, it is called "rose-ponsibility" haha.

Mary: Thanks for the glimpse into herbalism and mysticism. Such things fascinate me to no end and offer a great look back into our culture and humanity.