Sandusky's first poet was minister, too

Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 10, 2013


This week on the Sandusky History blog, in honor of National Poetry Month, the blogger writes of Sandusky's pioneer poet, Leonard Beatty Gurley:

"Rev. Leonard B. Gurley was a minister for over fifty years. His obituary in the March 29, 1880 Sandusky Register states that Rev. Gurley was 'full of kindness for his neighbors, he was an excellent citizen, a faithful friend and brother adviser.'"

An excerpt from one of his poems:

Thy Plains Sandusky, and thy green retreats,
Thy perfum’d flowers, & they op’ning sweets,
How bright the scene to fancy’s richer glow,
True colors  deepen’d, void of airy show.
For more on Gurley, including his family history, details of his work as a pastor and the publishing of his first poem, click HERE.