Who was left out of the family will?

Mar 1, 2013

This week on the Genealogy of Northwest Ohio blog, Derek Davey writes about the importance of using probate court documents to find information about family money in genealogy research.

"As in all things in genealogy understanding the meaning and purpose of documents is critical. Understanding the money situation if families helps us better understand their relationships. The lack of money also explains the minimal paper trail and even how they were buried. It is critical to understand what was going on so that you can identify new avenues to continue your research."

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Julie R.

It says in today's paper that the OAG Mike DeWine is actively campaigning for prosecution of financial abuse against the elderly. He said the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has a wealth of resources, including forensic accountants, to support local prosecutors in theft from the elderly cases.

Local prosecutors in corrupt Erie County? I think I'll write DeWine and tell him what a joke THAT is!


Actually Julie R., if you recall Curly in the movie. They moulded him as a clone to me. Thats because I'm a pretty bad sass person. As a matter of fact, that are only 100 of us known to be in exsistance. And I get 99 Christmas cards every year, and don't send any. I hope that answers your questions. No how about answering mine (SB).

Julie R.

Gee, once again I don't why this article says that family money can be traced through probate court records. That has to be the biggest joke around. The probate estate of my mother's sure doesn't tell where the money from her side of the family went --- the money that I was supposed to make sure was paid out someday to her 4 family members --- the money that a wealthy old Italian stepfather couldn't touch and neither could Medicaid. Only thing in my mother's probate estate other than a ton of complaints that the probate court refused to address and a bunch of stupid motions filed by attorneys to dismiss the complaints saying they had already been resolved --- referring to a joke bogus sham lawsuit that a sneaky attorney filed and dismissed in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County --- is a forged will filed two years after her death and a piece of paper saying there are no assets left in her name. Not even her property that was fraudulently transferred seven months prior to her death was put back into her probate estate. It's why the joke courts forced the property with serious defects in the title to be sold at a scam sheriff sale. They knew it couldn't be sold through normal channels unless it WAS put back into her estate.

The records in the Erie County Probate Court are about as big a joke as the misleading Erie County auditor and recorder's online records that cover up fraud on property.