'Failure to source your genealogy causes it to be a great book of fiction'

Jan 9, 2013


This week on the Genealogy of Northwest Ohio blog, Derek Davey writes about verifying information you learn about your family history while you're doing genealogical research.

"A concern of mine with genealogists is that they are not taking the necessary steps to verify the information they find on their family members. Have you checked all the sources that are available? This is a big reason for the creation of the Genealogical Proof Standard that every one is so interested in learning about. The GPS was set up to establish guidelines to properly verify ones genealogy. Failure to source your genealogy causes it to be a great book of fiction."

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I'm related to Abraham Lincoln. Source that experts! Also, I'm part Cherokee.

John Harville

What qualifications are necessary to be a 'professional genealogist'?

John Harville

Yeah... we have the Abraham Lincoln link, too. And Dolly Paine Todd Madison.


yep, its tough, use many sources , check twice, then a 3rd. time, just had to backup 2 generations, redo it , as you find more info. check it against what you have , as you go back ,so many have the same first names,some future siblings are named the same as deceased ones. Much can be hearsay, go w/ documents enjoy. I was sure my ancesters were all peasants, not so, @-->-->- [ a rose for those that came before us]