12:44 PM Aug 5, 2014

When Feverfew is mentioned in herbal articles, or in herbal remedies, the first thing they mention is its ability to relieve migraines. There are many more benefits that this herb can contribute to than that one particular ailment.

10:08 AM Jul 6, 2014

(Echinacea angustifolia, E. pallida, E. purpurea)

12:25 PM Jun 3, 2014

  This shrub was used in many different applications in the past. It was once burned for purification and exorcism, and is considered one of the oldest sources of incense.

12:35 PM May 6, 2014

(Ulmus rubra) (sometimes referred to as U. fulva)

12:53 PM Apr 7, 2014

(Verbascum thapsus)

12:33 PM Mar 6, 2014

 This native deciduous tree of the Eastern U.S.

12:12 PM Feb 3, 2014

 Many of the different ancient medical systems of the world have utilized Barberry, in one form or another, both medicinally and culinary.

11:46 AM Jan 6, 2014

With a name like Boneset, one would first think of an herb with the ability to help set broken bones, and that would be correct! American Indians have long used this herb for setting bones.

1:02 PM Nov 5, 2013

Since we have now entered into the official holiday season, I wanted to discuss other uses for the common culinary spice that instills memories of Thanksgiving get-togethers, and holiday trimmings.

7:26 AM Oct 14, 2013

This one small plant can be easily missed in a meadow if you don’t know what you are looking for, but it is unmistakable once you know its characteristics.

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