8:26 PM Dec 18, 2013
Last Saturday’s “Blast from the Past” was courtesy of the Chinese when they landed on the moon with their first unmanned lunar probe shortly after 9 p.m. Beijing time.
8:10 PM Dec 4, 2013
Just a few after Thanksgiving leftovers are left. Not the turkey or pumpkin pie leftovers, those are long gone. Burp!
2:04 PM Nov 27, 2013
“For the general good of the Colony.”
6:08 PM Nov 11, 2013
Since Commander in Chief Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns 365 days ago during last year’s Veteran Day ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. he has honored the following groups at the White House.
6:46 PM Nov 6, 2013
Now could be the time to START quietly turning around and coming home from Afghanistan.



12:39 PM Oct 30, 2013
To vote, or not to vote?

On the day before Halloween with only six shopping days until Election Day that is the question.

Treat, vote?

10:57 AM Oct 16, 2013
With the creation of yet another agency to create or bring jobs to the Funcoast, the Erie County Port Authority, the elected leaders of Erie County have finally created more jobs.
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