Washington could use some Congressional game shows.
8:17 PM Aug 21, 2014
"Every establishment whose members’ accomplishments can be observed by the American public has a Hall of Fame"
11:05 PM Jul 30, 2014

The fact our elected officials in Washington get paid as salaried personnel, 24/7/365 a year during their term(s), is why it’s easy to believe they’re taking full advantage of that fact.

9:06 PM Jul 23, 2014
Last Sunday when Josh Earnest, the new White House Press Secretary, said:
4:49 PM Jul 16, 2014
Beep! Beep!
10:18 PM Jul 9, 2014
Last Friday Washington Post reporter David Nakamura reported about White House aides reportedly saying President Obama doesn’t watch TV news.
9:16 AM Jul 2, 2014
For today’s Sandusky Register I had written an extraordinary viewpoint expressing my concern over how the unrest in Iraq is keeping gas prices here at home high, but, my dog ate my submission.
8:08 PM Jun 26, 2014
If one of the main missions of the U.S. Embassy is to represent and advance the interests of the USA, then that begs this question.

Why isn’t there a U.S. Embassy in Ohio?

9:25 PM Jun 18, 2014


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