Presidential scorecard

Aug 13, 2014
For about a term and a half we’ve heard loud and clear the continuous assertions from President Obama and his administration telling us over and over that he inherited the immigration mess, the Iraq mess, the National Debt mess, the whole etc., etc., etc., mess.
We have heard this to the point it would surprise no one if our current president claimed that he inherited this vacation mess from the previous president.
I’m pretty sure Candidate Obama read the fine print on the presidential job description stating when he took his oath on Jan. 20, 2009, he was responsible for maintaining or transforming the past practices, procedures and policies he would inherit from the previous president and his administration.

If he didn’t, then it makes you wonder what the whole Hope and Change theme during then-Sen. Obama’s first campaign for the White House was about.

Hope for changing the mystery meat served at lunch and have Top 40 music played during study hall?

Oops! Wrong Obama campaign. That was probably for his campaign as student council president in high school.

Did Candidate Obama believe, when he was running for president of the U.S.A., the mess he was going to clean up in the White House would be the issues of Vacation Guide magazines President Bush left under the bed?

Or did Candidate Obama believe, when he was running for president of the U.S.A., that the mess he was going to clean up in the White House would be the issues that President Bush left on the table?

Contrary to popular belief, past U.S. presidents did not inherit wooden teeth, theater tickets, a big stick, two chickens in every pot and Tippecanoe and Tyler too from their predecessors. Most of them inherited and handled down the matters that mattered back then.

Because of campaign promises getting lost in the shuffle of what is and what is not, perhaps now is the time for Congress to pass a measure commissioning the Congressional Research Service to keep track of presidential campaign promises and how those commitments actually changed inherited policy, as promised, that was in place when the promising president first took office.

The CRS could create a website showcasing a box score displaying how presidential candidates promises rank in being kept. That could change the meaning of rank promises by presidential candidates.

The averages would indicate how hard a president is working on his promise to change what they believed needed changing.

A scorecard of this nature complied by the CRS on the World Wide Web would not only give incentive for a president to keep their promises, it would also encourage voters that future presidential candidates when elected into the White House can indeed change what they inherit.

The funny thing is, unless you’re the next president, in 2016 we will vote into the Oval Office someone who promised to fix what they inherited from President Obama that he inherited.

Fortunately for past U.S. presidents the “You break it — you buy it” policy doesn’t apply to them or they would be spending their entire post presidency charging gargantuan speaking fees to pay back the taxpayers instead of using those fees to pay themselves.

Unfortunately for U.S. presidents that inherit the office they campaign to bring hope and change to is the price they pay. Right now, President Obama is just a tad behind on his inherited Bush payback payment promises.

Pick a card, any card. The Immigration card, the Iraq card, the National Debt card, the etc., etc., etc., cards and the overdue payments have added up so much so that the children of legal U.S. citizens’ children will inherit — and pay the inheritance tax.

As the saying goes, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. But if the CRS issued a presidential promise scorecard, the player would not be able to tell us the score because ...

We would already know it.


The Big Dog's back

Just because he points out where the problems originated doesn't mean he isn't trying to fix them. You right wingnuts had 8 years to solve these problems and you still, still turned them over to Obama. Please tell why the right wingnut mind thinks problems were caused over many years can be fixed right now.

Blackberry Phale

Obama's 'Blame Bush' strategy still working? How long you lefties gonna beat on that dead horse?

It must really be frustrating to all of Obama's lapdogs to know that he is too incompetent to do his job.


It's not about blaming Bush. Dog simply points out facts. When is your party going to take responsibility for the failures it created? If you think this guy is a failure what did you think of the last guy? People like you lack credibility because you are in complete denial of history.


And the pedaling of the collective backwards traveling bike did real damage that Obama had to try to fix includng 2 unjust wars and their maintenance fees.
And the damage Daddy bush and ron raygun did as well with that backwards pedaling budget.
Buncha teabaggin' repug crap.

Blackberry Phale

Barry didnt start any wars?

Among other things since becoming president, Barry has:

Dropped bombs in 6 Muslim countries.
Started a new war in Iraq.
Pushed for war on Syria while siding with al-Qaeda.
Supported Israel's wars and occupation of Palestine.
Deployed Special Ops to 134 countries - compared to 60 under Bush.
Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia.
Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia.
Opened a military base in Chile.
Launched 20,000 Airstrikes in his first term.
And lastly,

Waged war on Libya without congressional approval.

You cant spin them facts ya'll boot lickers can ya?

Blackberry Phale

What failures? The last guy was no failure. The guy before him was a failure and a sexual predator. He even got impeached. People like you lack credibility because you are in complete denial of Barry's failures..

The Big Dog's back

Isn't this great. The right wingnuts wouldn't even mention bush's name for 6 years, now they're embracing him. Bwahahahahaahahaah!


The last guy ( Bush) was no failure huh ?

Your mental faculties have failed you.


We found WMDs yet?


And Obama has been beating the "Blame Bush" horse for 6 years. How many years does he need/want? He only has 2 more to go.

Blackberry Phale

Whatever Barry says is unquestioningly swallowed by his supporters.


Big Dog says "You right wingnuts had 8 years to solve these problems and you still, still turned them over to Obama"

If you feel that the Republicans had 8 years of problems then that would mean that the problems were carried over from the Clinton years.

The Big Dog's back

No, those are your words, blaming everything on Clinton.


Re:"No, those are your words, blaming everything on Clinton."

Yes you are correct because if it was my post then it would seem that my words were expressed in the post. However I did say it because by your original post you said the same things.

Think about it if you stated that Bush spent 8 years and still did not correct the problems and he was in office for 8 years then it would only stand to reason that the problems had to be there when he came in.

Blackberry Phale

Barry spent years touting the withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq. Barry now blames his predecessor, George W. Bush, for the absence of American troops in Iraq. What?

The Blame Game is just about the only d-amn thing Barry is good at.

red white and blue

Im going to start referring to obama as the wizard of oz! No HEART! NO BRAIN'S! AND DEFIANTLY NO COURAGE! !!!!

Blackberry Phale

Obama 2012: "I ended the War in Iraq"
Obama 2014: "Bush did it"

Blackberry Phale

It's never Obama's fault.
Don't believe me? Just ask him...


Some of us knew the minute this shyster opened his mouth what he was.
Americans so morally, spiritually, emotionally bankrupt they vote into the WH a slick talking empty suit.


Which one? Name the last president that WASN'T a slick talking empty suit.


@Tyrion - and that is THE point. Someone who is able to see past the stereotypes. Good for you.

Blackberry Phale

#just blame Bush

just observing

No wonder Hillary has jumped on her broom and is fleeing from Obama and his policies.


Confidential Memo: Former Koch Group Insider Fears the Tea Party Is Fading


That's good news.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of people across the country who are ticketed for minor offenses are sentenced to probation managed by private companies, according to Human Rights Watch. In Alabama, it’s become a vicious cycle of fines, mounting fees and even jail time.


Dear Fellow Dems: the Republican Party is an irrelevant shrinking party. As they have lost membership, they have moved further to the Right, and further away from what the majority of Americans believe. Those on the extreme fringe are the most outspoken, and the least well-informed. The non-partisan think tank PunditFact recently did a study that showed that only 18% of statements on Fox News were rated either True or Mostly True, yet these folks accept Fox as Gospel.

It's a waste of time trying to point out history to them, for the recent events we all lived through were covered entirely differently (or not at all by Fox News). Other "news items" (fake scandals) were entirely invented by the rightwing media, and continue to live on, despite being completely debunked. They truly live in an alternate reality. Fascinating, isn't it?

If we Dems show up and vote, they will lose. And they know it. That's why they are using all manner of skullduggery in more than a dozen states to suppress the vote in areas that vote predominantly Democrat. If you can't win fair and square, lie and cheat.

As if we could forget what happened during 2000-2008, and ignore the obvious fact that their policies in 2014 are the same ones that caused the problems we experienced during the Bush years. I've had my fill of the flaming bag of poo they are trying to sell. How about you?


Your post starts off begging for morons to continue to vote for your party and slides into the typical hit job on republicans and fox for a bit then in the last paragraph setting up excuses why your party will lose.
Don't you know by now to get the morons and dim witted ramped up you must have a vague chant of some sort. Like "Change" But that's already been done and the only change is the rich got richer so you cant use that. "We can do it" turned into "Lets blame someone for our failure" so that's out. I know you can chant "Our millionaires are better than their millionaires and we will not target you if you join our party!"
Hopefully your Mental heathcare service kicks in and you get the help you need. Being that delusional is bad for you.


Donegan: my post wasn't for you. You can go back to your imaginary Republican World now. Man, you guys get even more angry when we Dems hit the nail on the head, huh...

As for morons, a higher % of Dems have college degrees, and if recent posts here are any indication, a MUCH higher % of conservatives have very poor grammar skills, have poor vocabularies and poor spelling skills. This, of course, makes sense, since the GOP votes against Education whenever it has the opportunity. If you're of below average mentality, you'll definitely feel at home under the GOP tent. Rush is counting on you to keep up his ratings.


Funny as heck watching you toot your own horn about being educated. If you actually think a section of this society that votes for a guy solely based upon the color of his skin with next to nothing of a past record, who is supported by wall street is out for your best interest you have a different standard of education than the rest of the known world.
Common sense tells anyone with a brain that a guy that lies to your face over and over again, dodges responsibility for constant failures but wants credit for other peoples achievements, Is not a very good leader. But then again no one has ever confused you Obama worshipers with anyone that had common sense or a brain for that matter.
FYI, I do not like Repubs all that much either because to me they are very similar to libtards. Always wanting power at the expense of our freedoms. So you can save your Rush,Fox,GOP,Aliens,Koch,whatever else you can possibly think of to blame your failures on.
I am glad you people are good at one thing, Failing. Never seen a more pathetic bunch of failures in my life. Most failures learn from their mistakes. You morons plod forward thinking you're right no matter how obvious your failures are. For that i applaud you.