Be informed, Obama

Jul 2, 2014
Last Friday Washington Post reporter David Nakamura reported about White House aides reportedly saying President Obama doesn’t watch TV news.
It made me speculate on the possible news alternatives our commander in chief uses to keep in touch with America.

1. The Syfy Channel

2. The Comedy Channel

3. An Ouija Board

4. A Magic 8 Ball

5. Tarot cards

Perhaps it was one of the above sources President Obama used as he fumed about TV news during a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last Thursday in Minneapolis, when he stated:

“On Monday, we had what we called a White House Working Families Summit. And we just talked about bread-and-butter issues that everybody talks about around the kitchen table but, unfortunately, don’t make it on the nightly news a lot”

Yikes! Evidently President Obama does watch TV news.

President Obama during his fundraising speech also blamed the GOP and those who report the news for deciding what is important by driving debates over phony scandals when he said:

“They’re fabricated issues, phony scandals, it’s not on the level and that must feel frustrating. It makes people cynical, and it makes people turned off from the idea that anything can get done”


It’s nice to know they’re fabricated and phony. The past six years I thought the IRS disappearing email, illegal immigrant children crossing the border, the Bowe Bergdahl trade for five Guantanamo Bay prisoners, the Afghanistan prison release of 12 terrorist detainees and the VA abuses were all real.


That’s just the past six weeks of fabricated and phony scandals, not the past six years.

Speaking of “Fabricated and Phony” part I — This Saturday marks the start of 13 years the Sandusky Register has printed my submissions, which, according to my crapbooks, err, scrapbooks in the attic, add up to just over 600 printed columns.

The amazing fact about all that is, I don’t type. That’s right. I peck the letters out one finger at a time on the keypad. All of which confirms what many have deemed true.

Hoefert is a pecker!

Speaking of “Fabricated and Phony” part II — I am certain over the first 12 years I have stayed true to my Marxism beliefs, not Karl but rather the Groucho “Whatever it is, I’m Against it!” Marx belief of continually pointing out the Emperor (Along with Congress) has no clothes.

After six years of showing President Bush in his socks and underwear I didn’t think the emails and comments I received concerning President Bush could be equaled or topped.

I was wrong.

What I discovered was while our elected officials in Washington have remained in the same stagnate state, the state of the readers of the Sandusky Register have become more informed and aware, no matter how big or small, of the political events that surround their lives and affect their lives.

That is what President Obama needs to do to help him become more informed and aware of the political events that surround the lives of all Americans.

Hmmm … I wonder how he could accomplish that.

Is it possible that by watching TV news President Obama could begin relating to the needs and wants of his constituents?

Or better yet, become TV news .

Instead of isolating himself in weekly private fundraisers he should hold weekly public town hall meetings across the country. Sandusky is as good as anywhere to start, focusing on just that week’s top hot issue and have it broadcast.

I’m sure the networks would jump at the chance to air a reality show that’s really about reality.

By concentrating on just one issue a week in town hall meetings I believe President Obama will get a better understanding of how the average American citizen feels about the top hot issue not being a phony scandal and fabricated.

Or, President Obama could come to my attic and read my crapbooks, err, scrapbooks.


Whiskey in a Teacup

So you believe the POTUS should gain a better understanding of world events by following the news, or better than that_ have a sit down with some local sheep_ who watch the news_ so they can give him a better understanding .... Oh, Ok ... Wait ... See, now that I've walked myself through it _ this IS a humorous column! Good one Chuck! ... You pecker ;)


LOL. I thought that was how he learned about current events. Isn't that how he learned about the last catastrophe? (AKA the VA scandal, wait list)


Re: "President Obama doesn’t watch TV news."

Another sign of the royal presidency.

Reminds me of a quote by Louis XIV, "Louis the Great" or the "Sun King":

"L'État, c'est moi"

Or as Pres. Obama so narcissistically and smugly stated: "I won."


I don't care whether or not the President watches the news on TV.

First, he shouldn't need to because HE should be informed long before the average reporter knows anything about anything of national importance. Second, the mainstream media is largely composed of Obama sycophants, apologists, and activists who tend to report in a biased fashion, or disregard unpalatable stories altogether (although that "validation" seems to me like something Obama's ego wouldn't allow him to forego).

Just as interesting, though, is the White House repeated assertions that "the President learned about it when you did, on the news" in connection with everything from the mess that is the VA to the criminals that is the IRS. So...the President watches the news except when he doesn't?

More lies, and worthless lies to boot. This isn't a cover-up, even a badly managed one. It's not a blame game or misdirection. It's just...stupid. What a shock.


Re: "Obama Slams Fox News In Bill O'Reilly Interview"

So does someone just 'inform' the Liar-in-Chief that Fox often criticizes his wrongheaded policies?

Also, why all the photo ops and the numerous Rose Garden and other speeches for public consumption on the networks?

That's right; he doesn't 'need' to watch the news. In his egotistical twisted mind - he IS the news!

King Louis XV: "Après moi, le deluge"

Whiskey in a Teacup

Sam refer back to the first sentence of the column.
>> it doesn't matter who the reporter or what is being reported_ people will believe what they choose to believe.


Re: "people will believe what they choose to believe."

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

– Christopher Hitchens


You believe Kessler's is actually whiskey! Shows how much you know and how gullible you are. Just because it says whiskey pooh....... Stop believing everything you read and splurge a bit on a real bottle! I am sure you can afford it with all your millions from the stock market that Obama helped revive. Black man can't get any credit though! It's okay, he can take credit for it.

"I don't take a shot, I make a shot" Michael Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: "You (snip)"

Pipsqueak: When in doubt, resort to looney bloviating.



-- One of Bill o Rielly's favorite words.

Smcc Student

Great article, congrats on 13 years.


You must enjoy comedy!


You seem to enjoy comedy, hence your support for that joke of a president.


It does not bother me the president does not watch TV, What does bother me is he does not listen to the intelligence agencies ("Its a terrorist attack, No its not it is a Youtube video)or His constitutional advisers ("It is against the law to ship weapons and aid to forces that use children as soldiers. Lets just ignore that law and ship to them anyways". The only people he seems to listen to is ideologues and money donors who think the US is a imperialist country that is evil. ("For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country because me and Barack have convinced enough morons to elect him so i can take millions dollar vacations while veterans die on waiting list")


"What does bother me is he does not listen to the intelligence agencies"

-Like 911 or Iraq doesn't have WMD's ?
What bothers me is that you are a moron.


The absolute truth is that TV and associated advertising makes you dumb in a way that is desirable by the politicos.

Darwin's choice

Here you and get dumb! This is your hero, watch and think about exactly what he say's!

Now, holysee, who is the dimwit?

He should be saying "5 days away from destroying America"...the jerk is close now!


All this bickering here about the government is kinda like the bickering in Congress, kinda like the bickering in Iraq. Looks pretty hopeless. As for the article-political humor-Isn't that an oxymoron?


I take all political news with a grain of salt. Some channels are more opinion than fact just like this article. It does amaze me how the haters try very hard to portray the President as uneducated when he is clearly a well educated man. Deny it all you want but that is just a fact.

If you want real tv watch Animal Planet, the AHC channel or ID. channel. All factual stuff.

Chuck is just an opinionated mouth piece that needs a hair cut and a shave!


How do we know he so called very educated? He sealed all his records. His past is a lot of unknowns.


No it's not. He and his wife are well educated. If you don't know this perhaps you need educated!


Re: "He and his wife are well educated."

So why are his college transcripts sealed?


Ask him!


Why ask a documented liar?


Bush and/or Cheney ?


Re: "I take all political news with a grain of salt."

BUT if Pres. Obama or the lefty looney Dems says it, you lap it up like gravy.


Re: "All factual stuff."

Sure it is, Sport. lol

It's ALL sanitized and editorialized for your consumption.


ID channel is factual! Try it! Animal Planet is mostly about wild animals. Factual! AHC channel = facts. Smithsonian channel= facts. Try it pooh! I'm not big on politics and don't care to watch talking heads all day. The stuff I watch is not sanitized except for the gruesome stuff and none of it is editorialized.

You lap up anything anti-Obama and any spilled Kessler's of course!


Re: "factual"

Sure it is Sport. lol

Remember: If the program begins with music, it's entertainment, NOT news.

Read more, watch less crap - it dulls your brain, pipsqueak.

To paraphrase Neil Postman: Amuse yourself to death.


Pooh, you need to realize that everything in print is not true. The news begins with music you nit wit! You can obviously read but you obviously have NO comprehension skills. Get off the sauce pooh, it liquefies your already dead azz brain!


Re: "The news begins with music,"

Network and cable news programs are entertainment that is sanitized, editorialized and packaged for your consumption, pipsqueak.