Keystone indecision decision

Jun 26, 2014


For today’s Sandusky Register I had written an extraordinary viewpoint expressing my concern over how the unrest in Iraq is keeping gas prices here at home high, but, my dog ate my submission.

Wait! I don’t have a dog.

Hmmm …

Ok, now I remember what I forgot.

My computer crashed and I lost the submission, along with all the facts I made up, err, collected, which I mistakenly believed were safely stored in my IRS email bin.

Durn! Hoopfully, my spill chick kepts werking.

Don’t worry, I’ve found another reason to explain why gas prices never have to use Viagra to keep rising.

Last week’s disturbance along our country’s southern border showed how easy it is for illegal immigrants to pipeline into the USA while it remains disturbing that legal Canadian oil cannot cross the northern border through a pipeline.

Perhaps that is why last Tuesday, Canada’s government approved a pipeline proposal that would pipe their oil to the Pacific Coast for shipment to China. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said Canada’s national interest makes the pipelines essential.

The PM also said he was PDed, “Profoundly Disappointed” that President Obama had delayed a decision on the Texas Keystone XL option and spoke of the need to diversify Canada’s oil industry.

So …

They diversified it all the way to China.

China’s growing economy is so hungry for Canadian oil that just an hour after they receive it, they want more.

Perhaps that is why, according to Canadian Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford, that Chinese state-owned companies have invested more than $40 billion in Canadian energy in the past few years.

Sort of explains the Canadian government’s approval of the Enbridge ’s Northern Gateway $7.9 billion project. Looks like Canada figured it out. You’ve got to spend yen if you want to make yen.

The International Energy Agency said the northern oil sands in the Alberta region of Canada have the world’s third largest oil reserves, with 170 billion barrels of proven reserves.

The IEA also states the United States, thanks to the booming output from shale formations, will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer by 2015.

If the USA teamed up with Canada just think of the “Certain Hurtin” we could put on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries as we could not only become oil self-sufficient, but actually compete with OPEC to the point that oil prices would drop as quickly as a ball in a Cleveland Indians glove.

The response in Washington to Ottawa’s other pipeline decision?


Actually it was more like the buzzing of bees rather than the chirping of crickets as the White House did release an ecology driven presidential memorandum last Friday titled:

“Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators”

That’s right. I read presidential memorandums so you don’t have to.

Incidentally, the presidential memorandum the White House released three days before the flight of the bumblebee memo was also ecology related as it was named:

“Comprehensive Framework to Combat Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing and Seafood Fraud”

In fact, it was President Obama’s green dream of saving the planet that led to his Keystone indecision decision that the Canadian Energy Research Institute claims has cost the United States 117,000 new jobs.

So what is the cost of President Obama saving the planet instead of saving the world for us?

Depending on what day it is, almost $4 a gallon.


There you go again

Great comments with good information. And there Obama sits unresponsive to every issue/scandal that surrounds him. Narcissistic and pompous.


Obama is not unresponsive. He just doesn't respond the way Republicans would, because he is a Democrat. Personally, I'm glad that he doesn't do a knee jerk "We gotta Invade and bomb them" every time a gnat lands on a cow in the Middle East, a la McCain/Bush/Cheney.

The other reason he is "unresponsive to scandals is because 90% of the "scandals" that Fox tries to tie to Obama are either invented to begin with, not actually related to Obama in any way, or are classic "making mountains out of molehill" situations.

Frankly, conservative complaints about Obama long ago reached the Silly level. One day, he is labeled "weak", the next "pompous". Given the sorts of people your party believes are Leadership Material (Palin, Bush, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Trump), it's obvious that you aren't very good at judging character or qualifications. So we aren't much interested in your opinions of Obama, anyway.

A president is judged by what he accomplishes, not by what the opposing party thinks of him.


"A president is judged by what he accomplishes" He has doubled the debt, Made the world more unstable, Ran rough shod over the constitution, Divided the citizens more than in the last 50 years, Murdered a citizen, continued Bush policy while blaming him and last but definitely not least he has made millions of his die hard followers look absolutely retarded defending him.


More lies echoed by empty headed mushrooms.


Cannot refute the facts so you deflect and show your true self. A third grader.


Your childish attacks don't really faze me.

I just marvel at how ignorant , narrow minded , and simple you are.


You really suck at deflecting the fact that your god is a moron.
BTW, if i wanted my own come back i would have asked your mom.


You really suck at trying to put me down.
That was stupid.


No wonder why you voted for Obama, Humorous comments go right over your head. You must be a really miserable person in real life.


No wonder you didn't vote for Obama , you sound like a real goofy guy.

Your humorous comments suck.


Think about it for a minute.... It was humorous. Your just a sour puss liberal that is always looking to be the victim. Please stop doing this, It will make you a more pleasurable to be around.
You liberals are no longer liberal, Your more a militant screw squad for your gods and elected officials. That's tarded no matter how you cut it.


Speaking of screws --

You've got a lot of loose ones.

Now that's a humorous comment ^^^.

Take your tranquilizers.

Darwin's choice

This president is getting his azz handed to him! SCOTUS declared all his backdoor appointments going back to 2012 ILLEGAL !!!!!

He's going to be remembered allright.....being impeached!!!

obama/caught failing


The only reason he is not acting on this is because of a billionaire by the name of Tom Steyer. He donates millions to the dems and and repeatedly stated that if Keystone is approved he will turn the money faucet off.


"No one in the (corrupt) media seems to want to connect the dots between".. Obama and:
This failed economy
The Fast and Furious Scandal and Brian Terry's Death
The Benghazi Scandal and 4 dead Americans including our Ambassador
The IRS Scandal targeting of conservative groups
The VA Scandal and the deaths that it has caused
The Bergdahl/Negotiating with and release of known Terrorists Scandal
The Obamacare debacle and ongoing criminal manipulation of this law
The Illegal Immigrant Invasion and open boarder problem
The NSA Scandal
The AP Scandal
and the list just goes on and on.
What we have now really is a truly historic presidency. The most incompetent or outright criminal President in U.S. history and it isn't even close to being over yet!
It only took one scandal to force a Republican President to resign. How many will it take for us to force a Demoncat to resign and then go to prison?...

There you go again

I beg your pardon, Coasterfan. Obama has not responded to the pipeline request, nor the IRS scandal, nor the illegals running our borders, nor the Fast-n-Furious investigation, nor the Benghazi question "Where were you Mr. president?", nor the Obamacare lies, nor.....Oh well, you get the picture. I could say "we aren't much interested in your opinions of Obama" as well, Coasterfan, but that would be ignoring the real issue of the pipeline.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Coasterfan.

Darwin's choice

obama want's to give Syrian rebels $500 million!!!!!!! Incredibly stupid!!! But the norm for this administration!

JudgeMeNot's picture

Time for the left to wake up and face reality.


We already did. We lived through the Bush Recession and decided that we needed to stop the bleeding. We then voted in Obama. Twice.

Darwin's choice

You are an incredible dolt!



And this week's sagging GDP numbers have us slipping back in the direction of a recession. Who gets the blame this time?


Re: "we needed to stop the bleeding."

So Pres. Bush appointed Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman.

So far, Ms. Yellen looks about as dovish as her predecessor.

If your 401(k) and/or your IRA is doin' well - THANK THE FED, NOT Mr. Obama.


Twice I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just means your twice as stupid.


God I love to read sarcasm and irony. But don't like the cost to the country that allowed it to be written.


Obama SOLD America down the road for a $100,000,000 bribe!

"Never mind the Kochs. After assessing who did what bad to America lately, I nominate Tom Steyer for the top of the list. Last week the billionaire hedge fund manager from San Francisco bought off the White House to the tune of $100 million in order to delay the Keystone XL pipeline decision. Even the Democrats in Congress are buzzing about it: Steyer — right now the most influential man in America most people have never have heard of — drove the decision by promising to spend $100 million to help all Dems in the midterm election who vow to defeat the project."

Dr. Information

This should be illegal. He should go to prison for bribery.


Re: "You’ve got to spend yen if you want to make yen."

@ Mr. Hoefert:

Within the context of your essay, it would be: spend yuan to make yuan.


Great line:

"Durn! Hoopfully, my spill chick kepts werking."



@ Mr. Hoefert:

It may also be worth noting that Ontario has some 500 oil and nat-gas wells drilled in and around Lake Erie.

They've been drilling since the 1940s.

Also, China has the largest shale gas and oil reserve deposits in the world.

They are learning U.S. fracking techniques in order to exploit it.

At sometime in the future, China may not need Canadian oil.

Peak oil is a myth.

The Big Dog's back

Why are you in such a hurry to make the koch's richer?


Oh yeah puppy the Kochs are so evil, these guys donate millions to hospitals and many other charities. But your narrow mind don't comprehend that I guess. Why don't you criticize George Soros, or Tom Steyer?



Ever hear of the term : " a wolf in sheep's clothing " ?


Ever hear the term "Hypocrisy"?
"Why don't you criticize George Soros, or Tom Steyer?"
The answer is because Jazzbo is a hypocrite. He likes one rich guy and demonizes another for doing the same things, The only difference is one rich guy is HIS rich guy.
noun \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\

: a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs


and the : Koch Brothers Donate $25 Million To The United Negro College Fund

It's called : creating a good public impression , buying votes or bribery.

Youre a crazy simpleton.


You don't think soros and the rest do not do the same thing? That is where you are a hypocrite. I wonder why the pipeline hasn't went through? Could it be your golden boy Buffet created a good public impression while buying influence to keep his train running on time? Naaaawww, Hes your golden boy.


No , Buffet is not like your dearly beloved Koch bros.

If the Koch's money influences people to vote another Republican president into office , you'll be eating out of garbage cans.

You probably live in one anyway.


Re: "Buffet (sic)"

Mr. Buffett profits handsomely with Mr. Obama's non-decision.

"Buffett’s Burlington Northern Among Pipeline Winners"

"Warren Buffett’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC is among U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit from the Obama administration’s decision to reject TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL oil pipeline permit."


As i said before your a hypocrite because they do the exact same thing but you love one and demonize the other. Seriously buy a dictionary.

The Big Dog's back

I'd be the 1st to criticize Soros and Buffet if the koch's didn't do it and they did.


Re: "Soros and Buffet (sic)"

It's Warren Buffett. A "buffet" is what you frequent in order to help maintain your obesity.

Rich Dems - good, rich Repubs - BAD.


Let us also bow our heads in remembrance of another fine, liberal hypocrite, Ted Kennedy.

Good ol' fat *ss, NIBY Kennedy, didn't want wind turbines off the coast spoiling his view.

"Big Wind Farm Off Cape Cod Gets Approval"

"Opposition to the proposal from Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who died in August, had been a major thorn in the Obama administration’s side in advancing the project."


How can you say bad things about the one time drunken "Lion of the Senate". Let Gentleman's Quarterly take a sober look at the golden child.


"....Ted Kennedy "(snip).

Old news.


Re: "Old news."

Hardly. Cape Wind still ain't been built yet.

The evil stench of Ted lingers on.


Contango , the self appointed comment moderator , which news is older ?

Ted Kennedy or Bin Laden ?

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 12:08pm
Re: "Bin Laden,"
Stale three yr. old news. Next..."

-It's obviously whatever you decide .


Re: "Bin Laden"

OBL was a wealthy Democrat AND obstructed the construction of a wind farm project?

Got a link?


RE :"Let us also bow our heads in remembrance of another fine, liberal hypocrite, Ted Kennedy"

Any revelance?
If so , kindly send a link.
If not-- off topic.


Re: "Any revelance?"

You mean like you providing links about the Koch Bros.? lol

It's spelled "relevance," Sport.

Buffett and Kennedy are rich hypocrites - relevance.

Originally provided a link; the evil stench of Teddy lingers on.


" You mean like you providing links about the Koch Bros.? " ???

- Whatever , don't care , old news , NEXT...

AJ Oliver

Sadly typical right wing perspective: You have, ". . concern over how the unrest in Iraq is keeping gas prices here at home high . ."; but not a care in the world about the death, suffering and chaos created by the US there. It's all about what's in it for you - and same with the tar sands pipeline. You don't care a whit about whether or not it will damage the environment. You would doubtless destroy the planet if it would save you a nickle a gallon on gas.


Re: "the tar sands pipeline,"

There are ALREADY approx. 152K miles of oil pipeline and 341K miles of nat-gas pipeline crossing the U.S.

Do you think that adding another couple thousand miles is gonna make much difference?

Also, Mr. Obama green lighting the Keystone XL Pipeline would undoubtedly cause the price of gasoline to temporarily decline.

The Big Dog's back

Forward Soviet.

Dr. Information

Rich Dems good. Rich Reps.....bad. Love it but its the truth. The left is soiling their pants over Billary and how she was poor. Yeah right, GTFOOH Billary with your lies.

A good liar is one who keeps on lying and eventually starts believing it. The Clintons have mastered this and the left sheep are eating it up.


"Hillary's money problem: How she made it":

be for real

can you say IMPEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you say : It aint gonna happen ?