Thank you, vets

May 26, 2014


Memorial Day, the day we give a million thanks to those who gave their life serving our country. 

So let me begin.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oops! This just in from various sources that include the Veterans Administration Fact Sheet on American Wars, the Army Military History Institute and

Make that, one million, three hundred forty-four thousand, five-hundred sixty-six thanks. And counting. Which proves you can never say “thank you” enough on Memorial Day. Or any other day for members of the military who have sacrificed their lives for the U.S.A. Democracy, in order to keep order and work properly in our country, requires many factors to succeed.

The most important factor, the freedom factor…. Has been. Still is. Always will be. Fought for. From the Revolutionary War to Operation Enduring Freedom, freedom has always come at a high price.

One million, three hundred forty-four thousand, five hundred sixty-six have paid the price.

And counting.

From the time our country was born and nurtured to flourish that is just over 15.5 lives a day.

Maybe the best way to honor the fallen, as John Cole illustrated three years ago, would be to find more ways to not send others to join them.

But until then.

The fight for freedom continues. Since May 1, 2011 when Osama bin Laden was eliminated in Pakistan, 754 brave soldiers and counting, have given their lives as Operation Enduring Freedom continues. I know, I might have set up a forum for those who choose to choose the political sides of freedom. However. Yes, there’s always a however. However, today should not be the day we debate.

Today should be the day we remember why we debate.

One million, three hundred forty-four thousand, five hundred sixty-six. And counting. You might believe I’m portraying those as negative numbers. I’m not. They are positive numbers for the U.S.A. when they add up to this — 238 years of freedom.

And counting.

The trouble with numbers is that numbers do not have a face. Causalities of war do. So on this day of reflection, on this day of remembrance for all our fallen heroes from all our wars that were fought and still being fought to bring us the democracy and freedom that. Has been. Still is. Always will be. Fought for.

Is the reason we should put a face on Memorial Day and give a million thanks. Oops! Make that a “thank you” for one million, three hundred forty-four thousand, five hundred and sixty-six.

And counting.



You don't Thank a Vet on Memorial Day, that day is in November, this day is for those who died in Service for their Country. Pay a Tribute to their grave.


Re: "find more ways to not send others to join them,"


In 1948, a broken and bankrupt UK essentially handed the world policeman keys to the U.S. and said: Good luck!

The U.S. has been attempting to clean up colonial messes (France, UK, et. al.) for several decades at a high cost in men and material.

The U.S. controls and/or operates an estimated upwards to 800 military bases world-wide.

Ya think that we could close a couple?