Presidential proclamation

May 21, 2014
Last Friday, President Obama presented a presidential proclamation directing the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Homeland Security to be responsible for planning appropriate observances of Armed Forces Day each year by encouraging the participation and cooperation of civil authorities and private citizens.

That’s right.

I read presidential proclamations so you don’t have to.

As presidential proclamations come and go, this one was a doozy. President Obama in the opening paragraph captured how, in my guess-to-mation, 99.9 percent of Americans believe and feel about our troops when he wrote:

“In every generation, there are men and women who stand apart. They put on the uniform and put their lives on the line so the rest of us might live in a safer, freer, more just world. They defend us in times of peace, times of war and times of crisis, both natural and man-made. On Armed Forces Day, we honor the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who render the highest service any American can offer”

President Obama’s proclamation went on to state that he was inviting all areas subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to provide for the observance of Armed Forces Day, within their jurisdiction each year, in an appropriate manner designed to increase public understanding and appreciation of the Armed Forces of the United States. He also invited veterans, civic leaders, and organizations to join in the observance of Armed Forces Day.



Commander-in-Chief Obama went golfing on Armed Forces Day. Not his standard weekend golf outing where he usually plays at Andrews Air Force Base or at Fort Belvoir in Virginia and could have saluted our troops. Instead he went to the elite Robert Trent Jones Club on the shores of Lake Manassas in Gainesville, Virginia.

In fact, the closest President Obama came to saluting anyone in uniform last weekend came when he and Vice President Biden stopped at a Shake Shack Friday afternoon in Washington and jumped the shark, err, counter to have their photo taken with the surprised employees.


Last Saturday, President Obama presented his weekly Internet address where he talked about meeting with business leaders to highlight the importance of bringing jobs back to America.

That’s right.

I even watch President Obama’s Internet address so you don’t have to.

By the way, at no point in the address did President Obama give a Shake Shack salute to any of our brave members of the military on Armed Forces Day.

Anyway, President Obama mentioned that tomorrow he’ll head to Cooperstown, New York, the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, to discuss the economic benefits of making it easier for tourists to visit and spend money at attractions in the U.S., which in turn helps local businesses, which in turn helps the economy grow for everyone. Then... It dawned on me. With two decent ideas from our president that more than likely will remain ideas. Exhibit No. 1 — The president’s inaction after his action-filled proclamation.

Exhibit No. 2 — If President Obama really wanted to learn about tourism he would hold his conference here, the home of Cedar Point, Kalahari and the Deer Park, in the Funcoast.

Perhaps Sandusky City Commissioners could combine President Obama’s ideas and hold an Armed Forces Day celebration the third Saturday in May next year.

This version of the Sandusky City Commission, which has been efficiently effective, so far, could formulate a directive for new city manager Eric Wobser to conceive and organize an event that would honor members of the military from here in the Funcoast while bringing tourists to Sandusky.

Of course area members of military might be a tad busy. No problem. Invite their spouses, children and parents to serve as representatives of those who serve us.

Because there are so few Armed Force Day observances across the USA, Sandusky could legitimately bill the one it hosts as the biggest, especially if we invited the person who wrote the Armed Forces Day Presidential Proclamation last Friday.

Oops! Better make that the person who signed the proclamation if they want President Obama to attend.

While I’m at it, a parade that included all the high school marching bands in Erie County along with corporate sponsorship would be nice but that should be up to Mr. Wobser to decide. That’s what managers do. Manage.

Fortunately, the Funcoast has more than enough quality and caring citizens, organizations, civic leaders and veterans, as President Obama declared in his proclamation are the main ingredients needed, to hold an Armed Forces Day gala.



Stop It

That is exactly right. How many times has anyone watched as the POTUS and first family board Marine One while the guard is at full attention and salute and he just walks by like they aren't there? I can imagine those Marines thinking what a g'damn waste of a salute to a commander in chief who gives a flyin' f%#k at a rolling donut about us!....

He has NO RESPECT for the military. His words mean nothing. His actions speak multitudes!

The Big Dog's back

Yep. bush had plenty of respect when he sent 4,487 troops to their death in Iraq for a f%#k up illegal war.


Re: "bush,"

So why did so many Congressional & Senate Dems vote for authorization?

Regime change in Iraq became U.S. policy under Pres. Clinton.

The Big Dog's back

Who was the CIC?


Re: "Who was the CIC,"

Deflect, deflect, deflect.

He got Congressional authorization.

Unlike Pres. Obama who went into Libya and is droning the h*ll out of Yemen without it.

The Big Dog's back

Doesn't the CIC make the final decision? Clinton did, and didn't invade Iraq. Now what?


Re: "didn't invade Iraq"

Better refresh your mind about the no-fly zones and the northern occupation Sport.

The U.S. was ALREADY in Iraq under Pres. Clinton and technically at war.

The Big Dog's back

noun: war; plural noun: wars

a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.


Deflect, deflect, deflect.

Good to see that you know how to use

Do you do any other tricks? Roll-over, play dead, shake hands?


Get housebroke?

Licorice Schtick

Deflect, deflect, deflect.

"Why did so many Congressional & Senate Dems vote for authorization?" Because Bush and Cheney LIED.


Read HR 4655 dog enlighten yourself


It was all a LIE pooh. A big one and we know how anyone that disagrees with war in this country is labeled anti American and so on.

You sound foolish defending brutal dictators that have killed Americans Mr. Patriot!


Ummm Obama droned an american without due process! Something he campaigned on remember one of the reasons to close Gitmo! Oh so convenient u forget


Oh yes , it is sooo convenient to forget.

Let's talk about Ronald Reagan’s Benghazi while we are off topic.


Obama doesn't see them as our military, but his servants, and it's also no wonder the secret service could care less about his protection as they're his personal servants too.


JMOP - How do you know that ?


His actions. He doesn't acknowledge the salute, as stated on here and looking at footage. They're his transportation on AF1 and Marine1.
The secret service would rather be with paid escorts in Brazil and passed out drunk in Amsterdam. Obvious signs of priorities over Obama. They don't respect him, it doesn't take a genius to figure out why.


They are paid to protect him not respect him but I still disagree they don't respect him. What the SS did in their free time has nothing to do with respecting the President.


My apologies, it was Columbia not Brazil

@ Deer
Free time? Why did they get punished if it was their free time?
If you respect someone and your job, you won't behave out of misconduct.


The President doesn't have to salute.


At Jazzbo

No one has to do anything in life, but die and pay taxes. The rest is character.


@ jmop

It's not about character.

" The answer is quite simple.
The President of the United States is a civilian.
He is not a member of the US Military and is therefore not entitled to salute."

Here's a Republican piece you can read :



The Big Dog's back

Right wingnuts such as yourself make me want to upchuck, and don't pardon the pun. Repubs send them off to be slaughtered but say "I respect you".


Re: "Repubs send them off to be slaughtered but say 'I respect you'."


Wilson - Dem - WWI
FDR - Dem - WWII
Truman - Dem - Korea
LBJ - Dem - Vietnam

The Dems got the numbers by a long shot Sport.


So FDR was wrong to ask congress to declare war on Japan after Dec 7th, 1941? Gemany declared war on the U.S. first by the way.


Re: "FDR"

FDR was supplying the allies with war materials.

The U.S. was NOT neutral prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Stop It

I don't care what anyone of you thinks. I was in the military. A walk by from the CIC without acknowledgement of a salute is a slap in the face. They oughta get him alone on Marine One and throw him a 'blanket party' to teach him respect. That might take a lil bit of that Chicago gifted from his pretty face.

The Big Dog's back

Why don't right wingnuts like yourself tell the full story? He immediately came back and apologized to the Marine. Maybe you need the blanket party and start respecting the CIC.