Leave Washington

Apr 23, 2014


When President Obama lands in Japan today, starting his weeklong business trip that will also take him to South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, it means with his latest approval rating of 43 percent that most of the people surveyed aren’t upset he left the USA.


Au revoir


It means 57 percent of those surveyed are upset he’s coming back.

Just when President Obama was on a roll, he leaves the country. Not an egg roll like the one he hosted two days ago on the White house lawn but the roll he has had on his daytime job signing bills into law this year.

According to the Congressional Research Service, President Obama has signed 14 House or Senate bills into public law this year while vetoing none, nada and zero.

Besides signing what Wimpy used to tell Popeye, the “I’ll gladly pay you next Tuesday for a cheeseburger today” bill, which is better known as the “Temporary Debt Limit Extension Act” here are six more of the 14 public laws President Obama signed so far this year.

•The name change of the Dryden Flight Research Center to the Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center and the Western Aeronautical Test Range to the Hugh L. Dryden Aeronautical Test Range. You can only imagine in President Obama’s man mind that it was one huge step for mankind.

•By signing two separate bills on the same day President Obama made into public law the appointments of John Fahey and Risa Lavizzo-Mourey as citizen regents of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. Yup. Fossils governing fossils.

•Just in case you didn’t know that because it didn’t rain for a while might be the reason President Obama signed into public law the “National Integrated Drought Information System Reauthorization Act of 2014”

•Another of the 14 public laws he signed so far this year was the “Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation” to establish a memorial in D.C. to honor the Peace Corps.

That’s right. Still no memorial for our brave troops who served and died in Iraq and Afghanistan. A memorial that, as I’ve written before and probably will write again, can be privately funded — GM, Ford, Coke, Pepsi, etc. — and built right here in the Funcoast.

•President Obama also signed into public law an amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act that will require Certificates of Citizenship and other Federal documents to reflect name and date of birth determinations made by a state court and for other purposes.


In case you’re wondering, Part I — The first President born a U.S. citizen was number 8, Martin Van Buren, whose Dec. 5, 1782 birthday made him the first President born after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

In case you’re wondering, Part II — The first president to travel abroad while in office was number 26, Teddy Roosevelt, when he visited the Panama Canal in 1906.

The chances of President Obama signing any bills passed by Congress into public law while overseas is low as he hasn’t had to use the Presidential Autopen since the autopen signed an extension of the Patriot Act in May 2011, when he was in attendance at the G-8 Summit in France.

Truthfully, right now the only people excited about President Obama leaving the country is the Secret Service.

Road trip!

Colombia, the Netherlands and now, Oh no! There goes Tokyo.

So when President Obama returns it’s back to rubber stamping, err, signing whatever legislation Congress sends to the Oval Office as he has vetoed the least number of bills — two — since number nine, President William Henry Harrison, who died a month after taking office and President James Garfield, number 20, who after 200 days in office was assassinated as both vetoed none, nada and zero.

Perhaps to get a public law passed that would benefit more than 2.5 percent of the population in the United States, which is about 8 million people, President Obama, to help himself help the citizens of the United States, should consider forming a bi-partisan committee made up of Senators and Congressmen to construct legislation that would be of value to all Americans.

Such a committee could explore the possibilities of bringing better employment, education and even economics to the American people through the representation we voted for.

When he comes home next week President Obama could set a precedent for presidents to come by forming the first Presidential Public Law Congressional Committee, or he can continue what he’s done most since being elected and sent to Washington:

Leave Washington.



You blame Obama for this do nothing congress not sending any bills to him to sign?

I guess you are just another right wing wacko !!!


I'm guessing that Mr. Hoefert would kill to have a 43% approval rating. However, I think it's important that people from all across the political spectrum write for the Register, so I'm glad he is able to regale us all. As is the case with the teaparty folks, Chuck's extreme rightwing viewpoints serve as a helpful frame of reference for the other 90% of us.

Darwin's choice

"While the Mainstream Media has barely noted Mr. Eggleston’s newly elevated position inside of the Obama White House, what little coverage there has been largely ignores the fact that Neil Eggleston has made his living, and his name, from defending those involved in serious political scandal.

I’ll repeat that for emphasis – Neil Eggleston defends those involved in serious political scandal, and now he has been made Barack Obama’s White House Counsel.

Eggleston was part of the Clinton administration defense during the Whitewater scandal, as well as two subsequent executive privilege battles. He also worked with the Bush administration in 2007 during yet another executive privilege dispute.

And perhaps more important to the direct link to Barack Obama himself, Neil Eggleston was the one who provided current Chicago Mayor, and former Obama White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, legal defense during the infamous Rod Blagojevich trial that included a myriad of pay to play allegations that eventually resulted in the former Illinois governor being sent to jail, while Rahm Emanuel emerged relatively unscathed.

Eggleston’s current placement in the Obama White House is a clear signal by the administration that it is preparing for battle should Republicans win back the Senate following the November 2014 Elections, and for the first time, face the prospect of REAL congressional investigations into administration wrongdoing. Neil Eggleston is not a political legal wonk. He is, first and foremost, a man who is called to protect politicians and/or administrations who find themselves in serious legal difficulties."

Get the popcorn ready.....!!!

2cents's picture

He can only sign what his handlers allow him to sign!

There you go again

So you commenters believe Obama and his pals in the media when they say Republicans don't submit balanced budgets, alternatives to Obamacare, etc??? So, if Obama says so it must be?!?!

Rationally Speaking

The president does not need a veto as long as Harry Reid is in charge of the senate. He controls legislation that is brought to the senate floor, which only what he wants the president to sign. With the current administration taking over the duties of the Legislative Branch in the Oval Office, who needs the Legislature.

If I remember correctly, there are democrats, republicans, and independants who make up the "Tea Party". Why are sso many strict r & d people so upset with another group which has differing ideas? Are they that insecure.

ITs time to get the professional politicians out of Washington and elect people who will listen to their electors.

Oh by the way, what kind of carbon footprint is the president leaving with his motorcades and personal jet. Maybe they are run by sunlight or windpower. Just thinking......

Stop It

Why we need term limits in ALL politics...:


The Big Dog's back

So chuck, when are you going to do a story about that right wingnut bundy? Gov Schweitzer said it best, you let a skunk in the tea party and now you can't get the smell out.