Give peace a chance

Apr 16, 2014


As Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week on why his latest effort of obtaining a Peace Accord between Israel and Palestine broke down, it occurred to me that C-SPAN might attract a couple more viewers if, like most sports stations, they had an on-screen scoreboard.

That’s right. I watch C-SPAN so you don’t have to.

Anyway, with an on-screen scoreboard we would know exactly how Secretary of State Kerry was faring in worldwide peace talks since being appointed to possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s old job on Groundhog’s Day Eve 2013.

Kerry’s Peace Progress:

Negotiated — 4

Signed — 0

In case you’re wondering, and I know you are, SOS Kerry described to the Senate committee he knew the peace talks failed by explaining:

“Poof, that was sort of the moment. We find ourselves where we are”


Yes, Poof!

According to Mr. Kerry the precipitating event was Israel’s announcement of 700 new housing units for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem, which came three days after a deadline passed for Israel to release Palestinian prisoners.

Three days after a deadline passes is not out of the blue — poof, all of the sudden — poof or without warning — poof.

It’s more like...

Slowly I turned.

Turned away from the peace talk table and gradually do what Israel was going to do in the first place before SOS Kerry arrived. Build 700 new housing units for Jewish settlers and keep the Palestinian prisoners.

The way the peace proceeding went for Kerry, the chances are that if he stayed one more day, the Israelis might have had the Palestinian prisoners build the 700 housing units.

This century, asking a Secretary of State to negotiate a successful peace agreement is a stretch as Madeline Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry can attest.

A peace of history you might have lived through, Part I — In 1995, then-Secretary of State Warren Christopher was integral in the peace agreement reached at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, that put an end to the three-and-ahalf-year-long Bosnian War.

After 20 days of November negotiating at Wright-Patterson the accord became known as the Dayton Agreement which was signed Dec. 14 of that same year in, you guessed it:

Paris, France.

A peace of history you might have lived through, Part II — On Feb. 21, 1958, British artist Gerald Holtom drew a symbol that was a circle with three lines inside it, which was first introduced in England two months later at a march against nuclear war. The symbol?

The Peace Sign.

In 1960, the Peace Sign cleared immigration and began to be used as the symbol for the peace movement in the United States.

After this peace setback along with his peace failure in Syria, about the only way John Kerry could negotiate a successful peace treaty is if a bacon and cheese war broke out between Canada and Switzerland.

Just their luck, instead of offering pumpernickel or rye as a go-between settlement, John Kerry would probably suggest white bread.

If President Obama is serious about bringing peace to the world, he should not rely on one person in one position to be his liaison to the world such as a Secretary of State. What he should do is assemble a unit of people whose combined specialties would make up Peace Team USA.

Peace Team USA could be made up of our nation’s top financial, educational and military minds and be led by the president himself. He should have the time; afterall the Dayton Agreement was agreed upon in 20 days.

Quick! Name something important President Obama has done that required his physical presence in the last 20 days.

Oh wait. Somebody had to color the eggs for Monday’s White House Easter egg roll.

Peace Team USA led by President Obama would set precedence for presidents to come in the United States as they would have to actually campaign for peace in order to be elected.

As John Kerry has proven, when it comes to peace, the old way is not working.

It’s no longer time to “Peace Out”

It’s now time to “Peace In”



Now, be fair, Barry has "peaced" on the entire country and is still getting paid to vacation.

The Big Dog's back

Obama reads and comprehends the Presidential Daily briefing. EVERYDAY!


And you know this how? He said he taught constitutional law too, and we see he has no idea what that document says!!

Dr. Information

Readings and comprehension are not strong points of left wing nut jobs.

Stop It

Do you lick his butt clean, Dog?


Dog works as the white house salad tosser

The Big Dog's back

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All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance
All we are saying is give peace a chance


The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Mr. Hoefert is correct, in my opinion, in that I wish we would make representative democracy a national export. Instead of simply putting fires out, how can we clear the underbrush? How can we teach others about the concepts of the civil society, invisible hand, and what it means to have a system similar to ours. Even if it wasn't to teach, it would be a cultural interface so that other nations can better understand just what the United States is and why we are the way we are.

It's much less expensive and humane to send a team of educators than "firefighters". The results are often more organic and longer-lasting.

The Big Dog's back

What makes you think everyone wants to be like us?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I don't think that anyone does. But we can see a woeful education about how our government operates and the documents which set up our nation at the Founding among our own citizenry. If we can't even teach our own about our system how can we expect other countries to understand our system of governance?

However, wouldn't you agree that it is much more cost effective to teach others about how we operate via a small diplomatic team than send the military to do it - kinda? Our society was born out of one of the most philosophical and thoughtful eras of mankind and as dysfunctional as it can be we as a country are a great example of the power of the individual and the humanity and inclusiveness that the Enlightenment brought.